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Cyclogest 400mg dose

Hi all, since egg collection I have been taking this Pesserie 2 times daily morning and night.

After our BFP 🤗 We were running low but I had a box from a previous attempt, the clinic in Norway has said we can go down to just once a night till week 7.

Is this normal? I had read that you should continue twice a day till around week 12? Either way I am pretty sure we still need another box as there are only 15 per box. Just confused &I awaiting reply from clinic today.

Thanks for reading

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Hi Rach,

Congratulations on your BFP! 😊

My clinic has advised me to carry on with the 2 pessaries up until week 12. Maybe your clinic has a different protocol? xx


My clinic took me off them as soon as I ran out after my 7 week scan. That was around 8 weeks so I think all clinics are different. If you're concerned then give them a ring and ask. Congratulations on the BFP by the way!


Thank you @Donnam79 & @Lynnr54 for your replies.

We are just waiting to get an email back from them to clear it up. Only concern is even taking 1 a day it still wouldn't take us up to 7 weeks.

We had the Embroyos transfered back on the 2nd March so I make it that were 4 weeks pregnant today. We have been told to book our scan 3 weeks from yesterday so 5th April (7 weeks) but only have enough pessaries to last till 30th.

I am hoping the doctor can just prescribe a box later today.

Best wishes to all

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I think it depends on the clinic, I was on 2 pessaries but then I got told to increase to 3. They should be able to prescribe you more, if not the doctor should. Congrats on your BFP 😀 X


Thanks @ Kimmy2016 we got email from clinic saying if we wanted to continue with 2 a day it's safe to do so but we would need to order more. So we will ask the doctor today to write prescription for us.

Thanks all for your well wishes & advice. Just so many varying stories out there it's impossible to make the call yourself.

Good luck all. X


Hi Rach_316. Just read your post and was pleased to read that you have clarification on using the pessaries, as most clinics in the UK prescribe them for the first 12/40wks of pregnancy. If you have to pay for the prescription try ASDA supermarket. Good luck for the rest of the pregnancy. Diane

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