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1st blood test


Had IVF cycle cancelled last week as didn't respond to Gonal F. I didn't have my 1st blood test until day 6 of stims and then on day 7 they finally decided to increase dose from 150 to 225. Should I be annoyed that clinic didn't monitor things earlier?

Still feeling pretty crap about it all and on top of everything I have a biopsy on Monday as routine mammogram found 2 breast lumps. Don't know which factor of my health to stress about first! Have to say that reading everyones posts really helps me to not feel so alone.

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Think it is standard to leave you 6/7 days til first scan. Mine were only just getting to 8mm at that scan so think they need to give it that long to assess what response you are having. Have you had your follow up with the consultant? Ours were really good at going through what had happened and why and felt reassured by changes they would make for next time. Now they know you didn't respond to lower dose, I am sure they will up it for you. So frustrating though when you've been through all that process to get nowhere. So many hurdles to get through. Sorry to hear about your mammogram results as well. I know most of the time these lumps end up being nothing to worry about, but am sure you will worry until you know for certain. Hope you have some wonderful people looking after you. Best wishes xxx

Hi sorry to here your cycle got cancelled . Are you with nhs or private ?

Can I ask what down regulation meds you took?

I'm going back to Hosp this morn I've been using nasal spray ( suprecur ) since feb 20th three times a day so 19 days - and they said my lining is still to thick to start injection for stims.

I'm seeing consultant today for another scan but on Monday when I went in the nurse told me she could see something on scan and wasn't sure if it's a folical, cyst or polyp !

Do you know if they can increase the doses of down reg meds ?

I really don't know what to expect today.

I think this is so stressful for us girls and possibly you finding breadt lumps is due to stress and medication and your body going through changes .

I think you should complain as saying nothing gets you know where in this life , we had to write a complaint at the very beginning of this process and we got we wanted .

At the end of the day it's our bodies / life's there meant to be treating and hopefully we will get a very lovely gift at the end of it .

I hope everything works out for you . But remember try to be kind to yourself during this time and take some time out for yourself .

( I should take my own advice too 😊)

Take care

Mia xx

Mantaray75 in reply to Aimaim77

Thanks for your support.

I'm self funding as I live in New Zealand and here you have to wait for 5 years of unexplained infertility to get funded and then they don't fund over 40. I'm from the UK and was seen there when I was back in September but they said I would have to live back in the UK for 3 months before I could get a free cycle. We figured by the time we moved back, found jobs etc then we would have paid the money we saved.

I injected with Buserulin to downregulate which worked fine. My consultant says I'm atypical - typical!

Its been a hellish 2 weeks and won't stop until I get the biopsy result.

I rang the clinic today about getting back the money we had already paid for egg collection etc and mentioned I'll be making a complaint. The manager rang me straight back and I'm meeting with her tomorrow. The problem in NZ is that there is very little choice of which clinic you go to.

Good luck with your scan.

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