1st Cycle Failed-Help on 2nd

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was a really horrible day for me. I was just crying whole day as it was BFN.

The clinic was preparing for my body since Nov 2016 since my iron level was low, they started ferrous fumarate and it took 6 months to reach on level after 3 months suppression of my cycle. Still, finally, it didn't work.

I m writing here for your advice. Does anyone has had NHS experience with a second successful cycle? I m 38, have low egg reservoir, last time got only 3 from 5 follicles. From 3 eggs got one quality embryo which we used. SO nothing frozen.

I am afraid to start 2nd cycle, do they change any medication or protocol? would be really grateful if you share your experience on the second cycle, any improvement on a number of eggs, do they use any FDA approved medication to improve egg quality.

Shall I go for 2nd cycle? I am really sorry just have so many questions and I am so broken from yesterday. Are you of my age as well?

All the best to you all for your further journey and those who are on waiting list.


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  • Hey, I had a terrible first cycle and my second one went better so I definitely think there is hope. If you have a read through my posts you will get my full story but I'll give you a short run down, cycle 1 - 6 eggs retrieved, 5 injected and 3 fertilised, all died at day 3 so nothing to transfer. Cycle 2 - 6 eggs retrieved, 6 injected and all fertilised, day 5 transfer of 2 morula/almost blasts, BFN. Cycle 3 - 9 eggs retrieved, 8 injected and 6 fertilised.....we're booked for a 5 day transfer on Sunday. The only thing that changed from my first to second cycle was I got told to take aspirin, all other drugs the same. I decided to take DHEA (3x25mg so 75mg in total for a day) which is in some places believed to help women with low reserve to respond better and possibly improve on egg quality however the research on this is very limited. I did ask my clinic first and they say it was up to me if I wanted to try it. The clinic bascially told me that there was nothing to improve egg quality and it was just one of those things that comes with age! However, they are since telling patients to try it if they havent had a good first cycle although they dont prescribe it. I did lots of googling and have read papers and small studies which show some postitive results, also googled this guy Dr Gleicher from a clinic in New York that supports the use of DHEA. He has you tube videos. However like I said I would discuss this with your clinic in case there is any indications that you shouldnt take it! I still dont have that elusive BFP but I think I have definitely improved my cycles.xx

  • Dear Cindrella5,

    Really appreciate your suggestions and thank you very much for your help. So in short this drug can be taken as a supplement like vitamin tablets. I also read about but the scientific information is limited. I would consult my doctor before hand. But you know I am wondering, they sometimes transfer 2day embryo which is just budding movement, still they stick.. I had 3 day ET and that was really good quality. So question comes probably after transfer it didn't grow at all in my case. My clinic told me yesterday I had no bleeding of implantation so that is one indicator of why didn't work. Though I know many women haven't had any symptoms and got pregnant.

    I wish you all the success on this front.. and on sunday transfer.

    Take care xx

  • Thank you, appreciate your kind wishes! Yes the tablets are just taken like vitamin tablets. I bought mine from Biovea but mine wasnt micronized. My clinic only do a 3 day transfer if there is a low fertilisation rate, if not they persist to day 5 to pick the best ones to put back. Ive heard of success from 2 and 3 day transfers....Im never off google really!xx

  • Also from where to buy this Dhea?

  • Hi Cindrella5,

    Hope you doing well.

    Just want to know. My DHEA drug has been arrived. Read all the instructions, some look scary like hairs on the face or hair loss. How did you get along and which timings did you take complete 75mg. With food or water. Mine also 25mg tablets.

    Your reply is much appreciated.


  • Thank you, I'm ok! I didn't have any or very mild symptoms. Maybe the old spot and greasier hair. No beards or voice changing, I promise!! I took 1x25mg 3 times a day. Give it a bash and if see how you get on, you can always take less if you're getting bad side effects! I know I've just had a failed cycle but if take spots and greasy hair to have a baby any day!! Best of luck I really hope it works!!xx

  • Thanks a lot.. Started already :)

  • Hi, I'm really sorry to hear about your bfn. How low is your amh?

    I have low egg reserve too, and my first cycle I didn't even get to transfer. I had only 7 resting follicles at baseline my first cycle but this cycle I was really happy to hear yesterday that I have 11-13 (2 or 3 on left and 9 or 10 on right).

    I've taken micronized dhea this time and I start my injections tonight, and at my baseline scan yesterday I was really pleased to have more follicles, probably due to the dhea. It will only be 2 weeks til we find it if they collect more (last cycle I only got 2 eggs). So maybe seeing what happens with me might help you decide 👍🏼👍🏼 Xx

  • Thanks orla for sharing the things.

    Did you get micronized dhea from pharmacy?

    Also did you take stimming injections in morning hours last time?

    Good luck dear..

  • Sorry I forgot in last post.. During last cycle my AMH was 7.6

    Now I don't know..

  • The quality of my eggs was vastly better my second round, just have a look for my old posts. 9 weeks pregnant now!

  • Many thanks dear.... Wish you all the best... Nice to hear about you...

  • Ah I'm sorry your cycle didn't work out, it's so gutting, I would say generally the first cycle is often a bit of a test run, as they have no idea how you'll respond to certain drugs etc. This time they can tailer it to you, and fingers crossed get your bfp! They changed my drugs on my second round, and my egg quality improved, and we did get our bfp (sadly ended in a mmc at 8 wks) but that sadly was just terrible luck (understatement). Speak with your clinic see what they think, and you can always get a second opinion, but don't give up hope just yet xxx

  • Thanks for giving me more confidence. I will discuss with clinic and have so many questions in my mind.

    I m really sorry to hear about your situation. Lots of good luck for your next journey..


  • On my first try my eggs didn't grow on my left ovary and my right never really got started so we didn't even make egg collection. Which was very hard to take. The second time I had a higher dose of menopur and introduced another drug too and this time I had a good egg collection and was lucky enough to have 4 frozen.

    The first cycle is always a bit of a trial as you won't know how your body will react to the drugs.

    So sorry about your bfn, they are never easy to deal with.

    I am 36 and oh is 40. So similar ages.

    Ask away with any questions xx

  • Thanks a lot for Sharing your experience. It's always been useful if someone with similar situation gives tips for. I am really hoping in my second cycle. On Monday will discuss with doctor. They already used higher dose of menopur last time. So I m not sure what would they change now.

    But looking forward.

    Many thanks again and good luck :)


  • Hi Sara, I am in the middle of my down regs for my 2nd go as I had none to freeze last time. I am 35 and have been told my egg reserve isn't great for my age! The only thing they have told me will be different this time is I will start on a higher dose of menopur. I got the feeling they were playing 'catch up' last time, upping my dose with every blood test hoping for improvement. So hopefully this time I might react better sooner, fingers crossed. Like a lot of others above have said, the first time is a bit of a blind test because no one knows how your body is going to react. Good luck, hope you get a bfp this time! 🍀x

  • Thank you very for sharing.. I will keep you updated. I wish you good luck :)


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