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Shall we test or not test ?

Hi All

As some of you are aware My hubby and I had to cancel our first IVF treatment as my body didn't respond to treatment and never got to ec. Any way I have had one period since which was 39 days ago, we have had naughties but not that much .. This seems a silly question and probably a bit daft as really the obvious answer is just do a test .. Shall we do a test or not.. I haven't had a period since and we haven't done a test yet either.

Well to be honest I just don't believe that I could be preggers with due to what we have been through and I actually kinda feel okay about it at the moment, I think my brain is kind of blanking it all but its all there right at the back somewhere. We have just had a really lovely Christmas with family and I can honestly say I really enjoyed Christmas this year :-) the first in a long time .. We are looking forwards to the new year and are going on holiday for a week soon ..

So ladies what would you do ?

Scenario One - Do the test and its a no and wonder why period hasn't come ? and think ohh well..

Scenario Two - Do the test and its a yes see if there is anything that may help it to stick as Iv'e had two miscarriages.

Scenario Three - Wait until about day 55 which will be about 2 months whether period has come or not - And go from there.

Many thanks to you all.

And hope you all have a lovely 2016 XX

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Just test and wish you luck the body does amazing things and better to know to prepare than not prepare...

Good luck x

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I would test. I had similar when I was late. But thought it couldn't be true. I am now twelve weeks on Friday. It's better to know than not. Good luck either way. Xxx


Better to know. You can worry about what next once you have that answer. Good luck! x

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Definately test. You will have peace of mind then and you could be celebrating something else on new years eve to!! Fingers crossed for you. Good luck xx

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Iv'e just done a test and as we thought " not pregnant " will do another in morning as the test says most accurate is first thing in the morning but I think if I were it would have said pregnant. Was a clear blue indicator ... Oh well bit gutted.. ... Hope you all have a great new year xxx


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