Shall we test or not test ?

Hi All

As some of you are aware My hubby and I had to cancel our first IVF treatment as my body didn't respond to treatment and never got to ec. Any way I have had one period since which was 39 days ago, we have had naughties but not that much .. This seems a silly question and probably a bit daft as really the obvious answer is just do a test .. Shall we do a test or not.. I haven't had a period since and we haven't done a test yet either.

Well to be honest I just don't believe that I could be preggers with due to what we have been through and I actually kinda feel okay about it at the moment, I think my brain is kind of blanking it all but its all there right at the back somewhere. We have just had a really lovely Christmas with family and I can honestly say I really enjoyed Christmas this year :-) the first in a long time .. We are looking forwards to the new year and are going on holiday for a week soon ..

So ladies what would you do ?

Scenario One - Do the test and its a no and wonder why period hasn't come ? and think ohh well..

Scenario Two - Do the test and its a yes see if there is anything that may help it to stick as Iv'e had two miscarriages.

Scenario Three - Wait until about day 55 which will be about 2 months whether period has come or not - And go from there.

Many thanks to you all.

And hope you all have a lovely 2016 XX

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  • Just test and wish you luck the body does amazing things and better to know to prepare than not prepare...

    Good luck x

  • I would test. I had similar when I was late. But thought it couldn't be true. I am now twelve weeks on Friday. It's better to know than not. Good luck either way. Xxx

  • Better to know. You can worry about what next once you have that answer. Good luck! x

  • Definately test. You will have peace of mind then and you could be celebrating something else on new years eve to!! Fingers crossed for you. Good luck xx

  • Iv'e just done a test and as we thought " not pregnant " will do another in morning as the test says most accurate is first thing in the morning but I think if I were it would have said pregnant. Was a clear blue indicator ... Oh well bit gutted.. ... Hope you all have a great new year xxx

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