Update - BFN

So there we have it. I waited until my appointment this morning at the recurrent miscarriage clinic rather than go to A & E. When I arrived they took a urine sample and the lovely nurse asked if I would like a scan today. I told her about the bleeding and she said 'well lets have a look shall we'.

After waiting a little longer she came to get me and asked what my bleeding had been like, then informed me that the pregnancy test they had done on my urine was negative. I felt like such an idiot, not that anyone made me feel that way, just I felt like a fraud for being there and not even being pregnant! They were just so lovely and I saw the consultant shortly afterwards. We had a good chat and I asked about what else we could try doing, what other tests could we have done etc. She offered chromosome testing for me and hubby, and recommended I contact a clinic in Warwick who are conducting a trial around implantation. So I'm currently sat waiting to get some blood taken and to book my next appointment with them for the results.

Feeling down but definitely not out. Stay strong ladies xxxxxx

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  • I'm so sorry to be reading this Hun, you sound so strong and I don't know how your going through this. This journey is me torture, but please be kind to yourself. Did the nurse say what study they are doing at warwick? Was this classes as a chemical pregnacy? Sending you hugs xx

  • Sorry I did mean to reply yesterday but got distracted! For the study they take a sample of your lining and test for natural killer cells, but she said they are doing it in a different way - it costs Β£360 so think it's cheaper than elsewhere too? They didn't say it was a chemical but I'm guessing it was if a urine sample was negative yesterday, at my last miscarriage my levels were initially at 1500 after a bleed xxxx

  • Don't be silly Hun it's fine! I feel like my issue is implantation aswell, I had a 8 cell grade one embryo transferred last time and it didn't stick. Will see what happens on this cycle. Iv had two failed IUIs in the past aswell....only time will tell. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself. This whole journey sucks.x

  • Apart from my first one, my pregnancies have never got past the 6 week mark really, so I think there's something going on with implantation for me too. My embryos were really good quality blasts, this one was fully hatched! I was explaining to the doctor yesterday that I find it so hard that I can't get pregnant naturally, so need IVF, then when we do get pregnant I miscarry πŸ˜₯ Bloody unfair and so cruel. I suppose this will toughen us up for anything coming our way in the future xxxx

  • It's true hun but we shouldn't have to go through this :( my husband is adamant this is the last cycle we are doing. He dosent like the fact that I'm pumped with hormones and don't really know the long term damages that ivf of any fertility treatment can bring.... Hope this one works as were spending so much money on it! X

  • We have to pay too as hubby has a son from a previous relationship... so frustrating as it's me who has the problem(s)!! I'm caught between a rock and a hard place, the IVF drugs make my endometriosis worse, but I can't do anything more for the endo until we've had a baby! Arghhh!! Xxx

  • Oh hunny I suffer from endromesosis aswell! It's so crap. My amh level is low for my age... It's 8.4 and I'm turning 30 next week... So I guess I don't know what to do either. Just praying it works this time around. X

  • Oh god we could twins! My AMH is low too, it was 8.6 then went up to 11.2 after I lost a bit of weight and cleaned my diet up (it's probably gone back down now as I've gained the weight back whilst we've been doing IVF - joys!) xxx

  • Oh no hunny, don't worry, feel proud of yourself that you got it up! I have no idea what mine is now. It's been 6 months since I had it done last. I am just patiently waiting for my period to arrive so I can book my first scan!! Getting all the pains but no sign of it coming yet x

  • Aw hope it turn up for you soon lovely, keep me posted on progress xxxx

  • So sorry honey πŸ˜” Look after yourself. Good to see you're able to move forward with a plan xx

  • Thanks MrsH, taking a few days off work to get my head straight. Weather is beautiful today so may take the fur baby to the beach xxxx

  • Both those sound like good ideas. Enjoy the sunshine xxxx

  • Sorry to hear this Sprinkles86! Thinking of you!xx

  • Thanks cinders xxx

  • So sorry to read this lovely, thinking of you xx

  • Thanks hun xxx

  • So sorry to hear this πŸ’”πŸ’”

  • Thanks button how is your cycle going so far? Xx

  • So sorry lovely - take care of yourselves. Your positivity is amazing xxx

  • Thanks pumpkin, the way I look at it is that giving up is not an option so the only way to move is forwards. Still taking a little time to grieve but always good to have a plan for next steps xxx

  • Absolutely, a plan in mind helps no end. Good luck & stay strong xx

  • so sorry hun! glad u r keeping positive with future planning and taking control xxx

  • Thanks hun, I think I'd really fall apart if I didn't have some kind of a plan - control freak haha xx

  • I'm so sorry to hear that; I'm not a specialist at all, but have you tried NK cells testing? ❀️

  • Yeah I had heard of it and think that's what this trial is for, they take a sample of your lining and test for uterine NK cells, costs about Β£360. She said early results are promising xxx

  • A friend of mine went to see the Nk testing clinic in Coventry after 2 miscarriages and it all worked out for her; she has got an adorable 1 year old son now. Good luck xx

  • Ah yeah I think it must be the same one then as the paperwork says Warwick and Coventry 😊 Fingers crossed it will help us too! Did your friend have IVF or a natural pregnancy for her son? Xxx

  • She had natural pregnancy and she even worked for their group as a researcher for a short time before she fell pregnant with her son. I've heard really good stuff about their work and research. Wishing you all the best πŸ™β€οΈ

  • Thank you lovely xxx

  • So so sorry to here this 😒 sending you lots of love xxxx

  • Thanks ICSIBaby, how are you holding up? Have they arranged a follow up appointment for you? Xxx

  • I'm still waiting to hear hopefully tomorrow ! It's hardworking isn't it :( hope your ok xx

  • Yeah I'm doing a bit better today, phoned my fertility clinic this morning to cancel the viability scan next week, that was hard xxx

  • 😒 aw god that must have been so difficult for you ... how we get through these things il never know. But I just think how strong it's making me as a person... when I do have my baby will not take it for granted for one moment !

  • Im sorry Sprinkles.wishing you a good recovery process.im glad you are already looking at what you can do for the next time.hugs to you.

  • Thanks lawmom l always need a plan.... control freak lol xxx

  • I'm so glad they were able to give you other things to try. It's a tough ole journey. Sending lots of love xx

  • It is bloody tough, good job we are tougher πŸ˜‰ Got to keep moving forwards and keep trying xxx

  • I am sorry to read this and so admire your sense of perspective and courage.

    I am pleased you were well-treated...it doesn't remove the sadness from what has happened, but a little bit of support and kindness from medical professionals goes a long way.

    Thinking of you xx

  • You are right it makes such a difference! Taking a few days to get my head straight and will be trying again soon xxx

  • So sorry to hear you are such a strong person xxx

  • Thanks Just katya I never knew the strength I had before this journey began. We are warriors! Xxx

  • Sorry to hear the news :-(

    I'm glad they are giving you some more options/avenues to look at.

    Might be worth having a look on the Tommy's website too x

  • Thanks Hun I hadn't thought of that, will check it out 😊 Xxx

  • So so sorry to hear, gentle hugs coming to you and your partner xxxxx

  • Thanks dolly xxx

  • So sorry to hear this sending u hugs x

  • Thanks cocker, so good to have the support of all the amazing ladies on here xxx

  • So sorry to read this sprinkles but so impressed at how strong you are being. Take care of yourself. Xx

  • Thanks MrsB, I keep surprising myself to be honest! Nowhere near ready to give up, got to keep fighting haven't we xxx

  • So sorry to read this xx my thoughts are with you xxxxxx

  • Thanks Alee, I'm very up and down at the moment. Have you been in for D&C yet? Was thinking of you yesterday xxxx

  • Hi lovely, no I go in tomorrow, although I'm nervous about how I'll feel, I'm definitely ready for it now, prolonging it any longer would be madness xxxx

  • I've never had one done so I can't offer any advice, but just know that I think you're really brave and should be proud of yourself for making the choice. Have they said whether they will be doing any testing afterwards? Xxxx

  • Thank you lovely, you deserve a pat on the back yourself for holding it together so well xxx they have said once the procedure is done they will make a decision if it needs testing or not xxxx

  • Well you will be in my thoughts, I hope it goes as well as it can and you are being well looked after xxxxx

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