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Where art thou AF?!?!?

Starting my FET cycle. Had prostap injection a couple of weeks ago. Went fine. Got my first scan to check lining next week but still no bloody AF. I mean...what is that about? You pray it never comes all the time in the hopes your pregnant. But nope! Doesn't wanna come when you actually want it. Arrghh!

Sorry for rant. Had to get this of my chest. Hope everyone else is doing well.


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That is so annoying! I remember mine was 7 days late before I could start down regulation. I was never late, just the one time I needed it to be on time! Hope your af comes soon (probably one of the few times that is said on this site!). Good luck for your FET cycle xx


Thank you. It came last night. Finally. So on to the next step. X


Hi Helto200. There you go! Good luck with the transfer when it is done! Diane


Thank you. X


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