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Progynova not working

Hi there everyone

I’m sure this has been asked before but I can’t find any info on it. I’m currently (attempting!) to do FET. I had a failed fresh cycle in December resulting in 4 frozen blastocycts.

I had my 3rd scan today and my lining still isn’t thick enough. I’ve got another scan on Friday and if it’s still not thick enough then the doctor said we would have to cancel this cycle. I know you all understand how upsetting that was to hear. It feels like it's all been for nothing. I'm so lucky that we are NHS funded.

I’ve been on progynova for 21 days and cetrotide for 17 days. Apparently it’s not safe to be on progynova for too long and that’s why I’d need to stop by Friday.

The thing is my doctor has a really strong accent and I’m rubbish at understanding him (it’s my fault, I’m so bad at understanding all accents – my husband finds it so embarrassing!) But the doctor said something about coming off progynova but continuing with cetrotide, waiting for my period and then starting on the pessaries. I'm not sure that makes sense?! Has anyone else had any experience of this? I hate this feeling of not knowing what's happening next. I think that what he said but I can’t be sure so just wondered if anyone wouldn’t mind sharing their experience if they have been through anything similar. Is this starting from scratch so another 3 weeks from the day of my next period?

Thank you so much in advance, I really value this forum. I don’t post often but I read it every single day and find so hopeful. Thank you to you all. xx

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How many tablets have you been on daily?


Hi Hollibob, thanks for replying. I was on 3 pills for 13 days and then increased to 4 pills for 8 days when I had another scan. Still on them now so by Friday I'll have been on 4 pills for 12 days. From what I've read online I think it's unlikely the lining will thicken any further now.


Hi blondietrying. Sorry to read that you are having problems with your womb lining. I think what your doctor is doing is stopping the progynova to allow the cetrotide to work better with your own hormones, and then hopefully your lining will thicken up. Hope all works out for you. Diane


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