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Not feeling right 3 weeks after ohss

Just wanted to check with ladies here before I seek medical advice. I had ohss about 3-4 weeks ago and miscarried the beginning of this month. 

This week I've been getting more cramps ( nothing major) like my period is on its way. I feel a little lost with it all now as I've lost track of where I should be and not sure when I should expect my period.  However I've been feeling really sick and light headed with these cramps too. I'm constantly tired and just don't feel quite with it a lot. I've had 2 panic attacks too ( i do suffer from anxiety ) bit I'm unsure if it may be grief that's coming out in me physically rather than emotionally. 

Just wondered if it is just my body trying to settle down after all ivf meds, miscarriage and ohss or if I should see a gp.  I don't want to go and just get told it's just cos of that and waste theirs and my time. There's a lot going on in my body which I understand will take time to heal but just wondering  if it sounds like that's what happening? 

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Hi there my dear, so sorry to hear your sad news,and that you feel so rubbish physically as well as mentally. I also miscarried in October on my second cycle of IVF, and it took me until January/ February to feel better in both ways. The IVF drugs so powerful and then your body going through the loss it's no wonder you feel rotten, I would go and get checked to make sure but give yourself time, you will get there . Sending big hugs and lots of love xxxx

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Sorry for your loss too. It's horrible isn't it. Blimey 4 months to feel normal again 😯

Ot normally takes me a month to get back to normal after ivf physically when it fails but this time I just feel different. Not unwell but not well either. One day I'm bouncing off the walls with energy and then then next day I can't get out of bed.  I don't feel mentally tired. It is all physical. 

I have done 3 rounds more or less one after the other. I did have 3 months break before I did the last. Guess my body had just had enough and I need to rest it. It feels like it was ages ago I actually miscarried but was only 3 weeks ago so guess it's all early days and raw still. 

Thank you for the reply though. I know I'm not alone if I do take a little while to recover. x x 


Yes on my first round after a BFN I picked myself up and managed to get on with it after a couple of weeks, but getting pregnant and the loss is huge, I still think of how far I would be now. Also I had day surgery for removal so maybe that's why healing took longer. The  Doctors said even though the baby is gone your body still feels you are pregnant for some time and hormones need to settle, all that we went through after all the drugs to get us there no wonder it takes time. Can identify with a lot of what you say. Look after yourself and be kind...you no doubt never forget but it will get easier, I found support group helped as others been through the same. Sending lots of love and healing vibes xx


I do have an app on my phone which tells me what would be happening at each stage. I can't bare to get rid of it atm. I like keeping it for my what would have been. I worked out my due date and will do a little something then. 

It does make sense with the hormones still in our systems so bodies thinking still pregnant. The tiredness I'm guessing I'd feel at this stage if the pregnancy continued so again could be the hormones. Then the recovery of ohss is to add to the mix.

I think I'm going to look for a support group. I'm sick and tired of trying to talk to people who don't get it and no one has ever said it but I feel like they think I'm over reacting. Just think if I have a couple of people around me who've been through it would help x x 


Hi soapsuds86. Looks like the way you are feeling may be down to some fluid loss. Make sure you continue to drink plenty of water for a while and do see your GP if the feelings continue. Your period will eventually sort itself out, so try not to worry about that too much. Hope you're soon better. Diane

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The fluid loss makes sense as my sugars have been a little higher and dehydration can cause that too. I will try to drink more fluid to see of it helps me feel a bit more 'with it'. If after that I'll go to gp. Thank you x x


Good luck! Diane


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