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OHSS and pregnant, can someone tell me a positive story about it?

I have severe to moderate ohss with a couple of weeks at the hospital. I got taped 3 times to drain fluid. It was scary and exhausting to stay at the hospital. Now I'm at home with regular check ups at the hospital.

The last time I got drained was 4 days ago with 4 l . I could go home afterwards. But I still have 3-4 l in me. I'm week 11+5. The hospital says my blood count is good and the OHSS is not visible in it anymore.

I was wondering if there is anyone who had still fluid in their belly by that time. And how the fluid went away (did you need to pee a lot suddenly?). Did your body resolve the water by itself or did you need to drain it one last time? When did the symptoms go away and when could you start having an "ordinary" pregnancy? Thanks so much. All the best, Ada

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Hi Ada hope you feeling better now. I had moderate OHSS I wasn't in hospital but I couldn't breathe. I had swollen tummy for long time. I drank a lots of water. I'm 23 weeks pregnant they say that pregnancy could cause ohss. Wishing you and you little bean all the best xxx


Dear Aga_R - thanks so much for your reply. My OHSS was caused by the HCG Shot after the transfer and then again by the pregnancy. The doctors are all totally baffled that I'm still having fluid in my stomach and they told me they haven't had a case like me in the last 10 years. So no one knows how long this is going to last or what I can expect.

When did it get better for you? Do you still have problems or is it resolved now? Your water is gone?

I also wish you all the best for you and the little one. :)


Oh yeah I'm ok now. I felt swollen until 13 weeks. Remember to drink a water and go for little walks :) and everything will settle down:) xx


Aga_R thanks so much. Really. I felt so alone with this/ this helps so much. A huge hug for you. X


Just pm me whenever you want to talk x


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