EC date confirmed 😊😨 Any tips please? πŸ’—

Hi ladies

Just wanted to update that after day 14 FSH scan yesterday, we've been told we can go to EC! EC is confirmed as Friday (tomorrow) and I'm honestly sh!tt!ng myself! Trying to stay calm etc and keep thinking we've come this far. I didn't expect to get to EC this time as the follicles weren't growing quickly as I was on a low Gonal F dose due to PCOS and risk of OHSS. but somehow they came through. I have 4 follicles of 16mm and over (a 23, 20, 17 and 16) and lots of them at 13mm which I'm hoping might grow more. But either way, I've seen lots of amazing stories of women with fewer than 4 follicles go on to get BFP.

I'm trying to be realistic and positive and take each step at a time, rather than think will there be eggs, will they be suitable, will they fertilise, will they grow, with they implant, will they survive?! I could drive myself crazy!

Do you have any tips for pre/during/post EC please? What to eat/do/think!? How to cope with the EC itself? Did anything help it? How painful did you find it? What about afterwards? I've read that after EC I need to avoid spicy food, direct heat on tummy and no baths in addition to being healthy etc. Any further tips would be great xx

There are so many stages and this is an emotional roller coaster! I have HUGE respect for all you amazing ladies going through this, especially those on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th goes. You are inspirational!!! Thankyou for all the amazing help and advice on here and wishing you all lots of luck πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ xxx

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  • My egg collection did hurt a little i am afriad! They only managed to get 2 eggs and 1 fertilised i am currently 5 days in on my 2ww! Just try to relax honey, sounds like your follicles are looking nice! Best of luck to you honey, xxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks lovely really appreciate your reply. Best of luck to you too xx

  • I was given painkillers and fully awake for my egg collection and honestly I didn't feel any pain what so ever, yes I could tell something was going on down below but that was it. Felt a lil sore after but that went pretty quickly. Will you be under sedation? Good luck, the trick is to try and stay calm. You will be fine trust me, I tend to worry over the smallest things and now looking back I can't believe how stressed out I was getting. Hope all goes well for you Hun 😊 X

  • I was sedated and can't remember a thing or didn't feel a thing. I woke up starving the hospital made me tea and toast and an hour later was on my way home, I took it easy the next two days but didn't need any further pain killers. You will be to excited to hear how many eggs they got and then the wait over night to see if they fertilise. Good luck you will be fine Hun πŸ’— Xxx

  • Hello. I had a nice warm bath the night before ec. Helped me relax. I was sedated so didn't feel a thing. Was given morphine as well though. Didn't have any pain when I woke up. And they make you a cup of tea and something to eat, as you can't eat or drink anything except water from 9pm the night before. It's really not hat bad. I had never been sedated before or had a canular before, and was still getting over my fear of needles. But I didn't even realise the doctor had done the canular. Wishing you all the luck tommorow. Xxxx

  • Thanks so much for your stories and advice ladies it means a lot. Going to have a bath and then have been given a sedative by the clinic (they give to everyone) to take tonight to have a good sleep. Good luck to anyone else having EC! Xx

  • If it helps I found that the easiest part out of everything! Probably because they gave me a relaxant beforehand and general sedation, I didn't feel a thing and it was over really quickly. The next day I was in quite a bit of pain but I just rested and took painkillers. You will be fine, good luck xx

  • Good luck for EC today you will be absolutely fine πŸ˜ƒ I found I was fine the day of the op just sleepy and a little bit sore the day after. Make sure you drink plenty of water after EC and try and get some rest.xx

  • Thanks ladies xxxx

  • Wishing you all the best kat sending you lots of love and positive vibes xxx

  • EC was fine, sedative helps, i had no concept of time, although i remember being spoken to by the nurse! A little pain afterwards and tiredness, but all should be ok! Best of luck! Xxx

  • Thanks ladies. Getting nervous now. Best of luck to all the other ladies getting their EC today. Xxx

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