First Follie scan done ✅

So just had my first scan to check my follicles

Apparently my lining is good, I have 7 follicles from my first week of stimulation with 3 at 15mm.

The nurses all seem happy apparently I'm responding well, they are going to see how my follies are on my 2nd scan Wednesday and make a decision if I have EC Friday or Monday.

I'm not really sure what's good with regards to follicles etc but the nurses said they are happy, so I will just go with that!

Hope all my stim buddies are doing well

Sending lots of luck and love 🍀🍀✨✨💗💗 xx

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  • fantastic - that is brilliant news - so pleased for you.

    keep em' cooking!

  • Thanks noodles!! when's your next scan?

    Let's hope our eggs keep cooking 🍳 🍳🍳 🍀🍀✨✨💗💗


  • i had 21 follicles on saturday & 18 today - none over 10mm - trying to stay level headed but dr briefly mentioned OHSS & possibility of freezing eggs.

    just got to believe what will be, will be 🙏🏻

    thanks for your positive vibes DD 🤗

  • Yes stay positive noodles, have everything crossed for you Hun.

    And all the other lovely ladies that are going through this too!

    Such a rollercoaster isn't it

    Sending lots of positive vibes ✨✨🍀🍀


  • Sounds like things moving in right direction my dear!! All the best to u xxx

  • Hi 72cloud9

    Yes so far all is moving in the right direction, I'm just taking a day at a time.

    Thank you, good luck for your 2ww


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