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Progesterone pessaries side effects!!!!

since Wednesday's egg collection, I've been told to use these pessaries - 2 each night up until transfer day, then 1 in morn and 1 at night until test day.

They said I can do front or back, so I'm doing back .

My boobs are so sore I feel like someone's punching me in the boobs!!

I also still have a fair bit of pain in lower belly😔, and I'm trying to keep hydrated but not sure I'm peeing enough, going to keep a check on it today to count how many times I go .

Another thing, I have bad wind!!! Very strange side effect , has anyone else had this??? 😷😷😷.

1 more thing, the embriologist called yesterday to day 6 eggs out of 9 fertilised, and 2 there keeping an eye on, and transfer will prob be tmr, and that she will call us sat morn to confirm. But, I'm just wondering, do you think they would call me today too just to tell me how they are getting on?

she mention blastocyst too, for Monday so see what happens.

Having Accupuncture this evening , so today I plan to rest again and read my magazines and start my new book ( the girl on the train)

Have a lovey day to all my lovely IVF buddies xxxx

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When I was progesterone pessaries I had cramps I had sore boobs. My nurse told me it's quite normal to have these but cramping can also mean implantation. X


Your symptoms including wind are normal when taking pessaries. I would wait for them to call re transfer. Try and keep distracted, the 2ww (which in my clinic counts as starting from after your ET) is the longest 2 weeks ever! X

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My nurses told me the symptoms are signs that implantation is occuring. In your case it could be your body reacting to the drugs. Keep your body hydrated. And good luck for your ET.


Progesterone is pretty cruel as a lot of the side effects of taking it,including sore boobs and cramping, are also early indicators of pregnancy.

I have been on it a few times now and always get really sore boobs, where I struggle to sleep on them. But this time I was really bothered by trapped wind! It was really sore but OH though it was funny and just kept telling me to fart, which as a lady I would never do!! Haha


Not been through it but I agree with previous comments. My poor boss had dreadful wind and the day after ec looked about 3 months gone 😀


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