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Hey everyone,

Quick question, I've got transfer day scheduled this Saturday if embies reach 5 day blast but will get a call tomorrow on progress etc. I'm currently in bed with the flu, I feel terrible! Sore throat sniffles, temp and a cough. Trying to keep on top of all my medication and hopefully shift it before Saturday approaches. If I was to still feel crappy would they still continue with transfer and would it affect anything? any comments much appreciated! I best continue drinking more fluids 🤕🤒 xx

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  • cant answer your question, but hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Thanks hun xx

  • Hope you feel better really soon honey.

    On the bright side, getting a cold now could mean you'll be 9 months without a cold growing your embies :)

    Big hugs

  • I would call and ask for advice if your still not feeling right on Friday...that way you give yourself a couple of days to feel better and if you don't you know you have done everything you can but personally I would think that they would? but don't know honey so prob best to just ask get well soon big hugs to you and the best of luck xxxxx

  • I had a really bad cold as I started my injections, so did what my grandma told me to do when I was 13 and have done it ever since:

    Nice warm shower - not too hot but warm enough to get abit of steam, white socks, white top and Vicks vapour rub.

    Put the run on your chest as normal and then put it on the soles of your feet and put the socks on. It will make you feel quite warm but it lifts your symptoms and normally makes you feel better in a day!

    Best wishes Hun xx

  • Thanks Hun xx

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