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No day 2/3 progress call for embryos? Straight to day 5?

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Hi all... I had my egg collection yesterday (my 4th one so I know the usual process) I did not do as well as I hoped. Only managed to get 3 eggs from a possible 6. Waiting for the call this morning to see if any had fertilised was the most stressed ive ever been. Was so sure it would be bad news and it would be the end. Well good news all 3 fertilised!! To then be told transfer day will be on Saturday at9.30 if they make it and I don’t get another call tomorrow or the next day on how they are doing or even if they still growing? Wtf? I have to make my way to the clinic and potentially be told when I get there bad news none made it. Obviously I’m praying that don’t happen and I have 3 still going but surely ivf is torture enough! I don’t get why they wouldn’t check to see if a day 3 transfer was needed? Has anyone else had this? I thought waiting for the call this morning was bad enough but now I have to wait another 5 days!!

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Hi love. My clinic has recently done exactly the same to me and gave me an update and then also said potentially see you day 5 for a transfer. I was not happy with that. Insisted on more updates and ended up having a day 3 transfer, so it was very important I got those updates! Tell your clinic you want more updates. It won't take more than 2 mins out of their day to call you. xxxx

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Hi... Thanks for replying. I was told today that a day 3 transfer is pointless.. I was so shocked after all my years doing ivf! My clinic today told me if an embryo don’t make it till day 5 it would never make a pregnancy with a day 3 transfer!! So my question is why have they ever done day 3 transfers then? Don’t make sense! Getting a call on day 3 with good or bad news so I can psych myself up on what to expect day 5 is all I ask... The thought of going to the clinic ready for a transfer to be told sorry no Embryos made it Is going to be a new all time low for me. Can’t think of anything worse! Maybe I should push them like you did...

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Cinderella5 in reply to Ruthie82

I would push if it makes you feel better, sometimes we need to fight our own battles unfortunately!!xx

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ttcemmie in reply to Ruthie82

Yeah, I'm not saying to push for a day 3 transfer (completely depends on your personal situation), but definitely push for a call(s) before day 5 if that would help with anxiety (obviously it would help with anxiety!). xxxxx :)

Hey Ruthie, well done on those little eggies fertilising!! To be honest our NHS clinic only did 5 day transfers although we did get a progress call on day 3.....which I guess is a bit pointless if they won transfer earlier but it does help with the anxiety factor....definitely worth asking the question if you could have an update and if things weren't going so well then could you do a 3 day transfer. I feel for you, waiting on those calls are hell on earth! Good luck, fingers crossed.xx

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Ruthie82 in reply to Cinderella5

Thank you for your reply.. They said on the phone when I queried this that if you embryo don’t make it to day 5 it wouldn’t in the womb either so a day 3 transfer is pointless? So why do them? I’m baffled! Also said that not taking them out to check their progression Is better for the embryo. I’d rather them say because of Covid we have limited staff and only checking on day five..a bit of honesty!!

I just wanted to let you know after 5 cycles 6 transfers 10 embryos in total-all BFN you are the one that has given me hope to carry on! Thank you! And congratulations you deserve it!

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Cinderella5 in reply to Ruthie82

Its very frustrating. I understand where they are coming from if you have lots of embryos however I firmly believe and I know others do that if you don't have lots of embryos they should consider a 3 day transfer. I had a bit of a fight with my NHS clinic regarding 3 day transfers (I had a poor history of getting to day 5) and they wouldn't budge but said they would consider is for other patients with a history such as mine....don't know if they were just trying to shut me up or not.

Ahhhh thank you for your lovely message. Its gutting to have to go through all those cycles with lots of BFN's under your belt lovely, you are very strong especially going through all those egg collections! Im not sure if you are aware, but we did cross over to donor eggs eventually so that is part of our far!xx

Just had my 3rd EC and for the first time they decided to do a fresh transfer (previously my progesterone was too high). Day 3 has never been mentioned before. Any fresh transfers were always said to be on day 5. I was booked for day 5. Then yesterday get a call saying day 3. maybe. And we’ll tell you in the morning. So here I am having had a day 3 transfer 🤷🏼‍♀️.

This is my 4th transfer and I’ve managed to let go / go with the flow, more and more with every round because just when I think I know how it works, something changes.

It definitely helps my mind to accept I do not, and probably will not ever, understand the science of IVF.

Good luck Ruthie 82.

Hi Ruthie, I had exactly the same recently with my clinic...update on day 1 with how many fertilized then no updates until day 5. It was the most nerve wracking 5 days of my life! I did end up calling them on day 3 (as I was going out of my mind!) to ask them for an update but they said they couldn't give me an update as they don't even check them until day 5 and it's better to leave them undisturbed. I only had three embryos as well so was worried about none making it to day 5 and missing out on potential day 3 transfer too. In the end all three were still going on day 5 luckily. Wishing you all the luck and keeping my fingers crossed for you xx

So you are going through the same feeling... I thought for a minute I might of been dramatic haha... I think it knowing I don’t have many to play with,I usually always get 6/7 eggs and would probably feel more confident if this was the case. Only having 3 is touch and go! Scary.

Did they give you a phone call before you got to the Clinic to let you know the situation or only on arrival? This is the scary part. My clinic just said come in at 9.30 so I could get there and Potentially be told bad news. I’d rather know over the phone so I can deal with it on my own instead of having a breakdown in front of all the staff! I’m sure they already think I’m mental 😂

You're not being dramatic at all! Its already so hard to go through ivf without the extra stress of not knowing anything for 5 days! I felt exactly the same having only 3 embryos. They didn't call on the day of my transfer either...I was anxiously waiting for a call on the morning of my transfer though because I thought if it was bad news, they would obviously call and not let us make the journey to the clinic for nothing. But ended up being good news...don't know if they would have called if it was bad news. But I totally agree I would want to get bad news on the phone so I can fall apart at home rather than the clinic! Xx

I know what you mean by going with the flow... it’s a new challenge every singe time and we learn there’s nothing we can do to change it! I have been going with the flow this time to the extent that it didn’t really feel like I was even doing a cycle. Came round so quick got to egg collection so quick just thinking this don’t seem real. Probably trying to shield myself from any emotion this time. Until that phone call today when I was taking it in my stride to be told doing things different to any previous treatments. Threw me abit... and just realised there’s no getting away from this emotional rollercoaster!!

Wow I think thats really harsh. I have had day 2 and day 3 transfers. I do understand pushing to day 5 if you have lots but if you only have a couple why not do day 3.. there are LOADS of people on here who have got BFPs from day 3 transfers. Have you got to day 5 before on your other rounds? if you havent and you are nervous I think you have every right to push fora day 3 transfer - you are the paying customer after all! x

Hi, we had exactly the same thing only yesterday!

We couldn’t understand why we were being asked to drive all the way to the hospital (40 min drive) only to find out in the car park our fate!

Luckily for us we were luckily and have had a blast transferred yesterday morning but I have thought how upset we would be if that wasn’t the news and we were sat in the car park!

That was a 5 day transfer without any updates in between too x

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Ruthie82 in reply to Luamber

Torture!! I get this is the new precaution but I really don’t think they are thinking about their patients. I’ve gone through a lot through this whole process and the thought of being at that clinic ready for transfer to be told bad news Is my worst fear now!

So glad you got good news on your transfer day. Good luck you now have another wait on your hands.... Xx

I only ever had low number of eggs retrieved and they only ever discussed 3d transfer with me (in NHS clinic). I only ever managed to get one to day 3, it was low grade but we transferred it. It didn’t work. Though I understand when ivf first started all transfers were 3d as they didn’t have the tech/know how to get them to further (maybe some one more knowledge than me can confirm this though). Not sure if this has always been your clinics policy or it’s something to do with Covid. I’d push them for another update & ask as many questions as you can think of. They are yours and you have every right to know how they are getting on. So sorry you have this added worry. Stay strong & remain hopeful Xx

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Ruthie82 in reply to jengi

I’ve been with with this clinic for all four treatments so this is definitely new! I’m sure it must be due to COVID. I just think it’s cruel to expect you to be ready on your way for a transfer that might not happen!

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