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Recurrent miscarriage tests


So, from the blood tests that the NHS have carried out, all of the tests have come back normal, including a NK cells blood test.

My AMH has decreased from October 14: 8.56 to 7 pmol/l which is low for my age (37) and the consultant pretty much said that I probably won't get pregnant naturally with that level when I was asking (AGAIN) about possible luteal phase defect...why is no one bothered about it???

Has anyone got a list of the tests they were sent for to rule things out?

We've got the chromosome blood testing still to go and I've asked to be referred for a hysterscopy.

I know that sometimes an answer will never be found, but we just want to make sure we've done as much as possible using the NHS and also privately to a degree without going too crazy.

Any advice/help appreciated...

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I'm not an expert but your lower AMH level should not prevent you from becoming pregnant naturally. I have a much lower AMH 5.37 I was only 32 when I had my AMH level checked. I was heartbroken. The clinic reassured me providing I was ovulating regularly and tube etc where clear a natural pregnancy was completely possible. The only thing they said regarding AMH was I'd be on a higher amount of drugs and would probably get fewer eggs, 4 if I was lucky. I haven't had IVF so I can't tell you how my AMH affected IVF. But I think you having over 7 is pretty good and should get a good amount of eggs. It's quality over quantity I'd say.

It is good news nothing has flagged up regarding other tests. Although I can sympathise it much be very frustrating not to have any clear answers for the early losses you've suffered.

I have had an Hysterscopy and if you have any questions on this procedure feel free to ask me and I'll be happy to help.

Regarding luteal detect this is something I don't know anything about. What is the reason your consultant is giving you for his/her non concern over it? Would it be worth requesting a second opinion? It is your right. If the NHS are difficult could you afford to have a private consultation to discuss your concerns? Their opinion may well be the same but it would give you peace of mind which is what you need right now.

I think you're wise to rule things out before having another round of IVF. For your peace of mind you have to know you done everything you could. Good luck with it all 💞 x x x

Hollibob in reply to Hidden

To be honest, she didn't need to tell us it's going to be more difficult to get pregnant naturally, we been trying for over 3 years now...

Our first round of IVF was a higher dose, but not the highest, but I had mild ohss.

The second round, they started lower and increased it as they mentioned sometimes ohss can contribute to a miscarriage..didn't get a great amount and bfn at the end of it.

Did you have your Hysterscopy under local or general? I want general as previous procedures have been painful. Did they take any biopsies at the same time?

Most recently, the consultant said that they wouldn't give progesterone before a positive pregnancy test as it can mess up your natural cycle. Another said they don't deal with that side of stuff, only recurrent miscarriages?!

I've asked my gyne previously, but he wasn't interested and the IVF clinic obviously aren't bothered about natural cycle stuff as that goes out the window anyway.

Even with the day 21 test to check hormone levels, my cycles are short, but they still want you to go on that day?! What's the point!!

Where are you up to with all your stuff now?

Hidden in reply to Hollibob

I know infertility is such a horrendous thing to suffer. You have it harder than most with the loses you've suffered. Sometimes you wonder if it'll ever be your time. When you've been trying for a while it's hard to believe that it'll ever happen. Think that unfortunately is very normal feelings in this awful situation. Been trying 4 n half years. I had a rant last night with my hubby about it all, and how unfair it was. It's always the people who would make brilliant parents are the ones who struggle to conceive. It really upsets me that all us ladies on this site are going through this s**t. At least we all understand the pain we are all having to bear. And can help support each other through this tough journey. Thank god for this site has been a lifeline for me.

I can understand your AMH levels must have be upsetting for you. I was beside myself when I got mine. I honestly thought that was it game over. Just bumps in the road. It's surprising how we manage to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves down. I think sometimes we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

What other tests are you having done?

It must be unbelievably difficult for you to have experts both giving you conflicting opinions.

I thought progesterone was a standard drug to be given after transfer. To help the lining not break up? Some ladies need to take it till they are 12 weeks gone. IVF will mess up cycles anyway won't it?! Could you switch clinics if you're unhappy with the service they are providing?

As for your progesterone test it needs to be tested on an apporiate day of your cycle. So unless you have a 28 day cycle day 21 would not be the best day to test! Can your GP not arrange a progesterone test? They could work the best day for you to have a test. Are you at an NHS or private? If you're at an NHS clinic surely they could do this test.

. Do you have a GP there that you feel comfortable to discuss any concerns with? It's not on that the gynaes are not taking your concerns seriously.

I've been lucky my GP has been a wonder support to me over this.And fought my corner and won with a gynae! Sometimes the medics can make you wanna screammmmm! 😂

When I had my hysterscopy I was under general. I think it's up to you to chose. I wouldn't have fancied if I was awake.The consultant recommended general. And I agreed to a biopsy too.She thought there was a fibroid as the scan indicated a fibroid (which she was planning to remove). She'd didn't find anything.

But she still did the biopsy. With me I was and am still having unexplained abnormal bleeding outside my period, so they wanted to rule cancer out, even tho it's very rare (tho my smears have always been normal) They also tested my uterus lining for thickness again all normal. Biopsy results even normal results have always be discussed with a DR. Don't panic if they need ti discuss your results. It's standard practice.

My GP wouldn't have able to try to treat my abnormal bleeding if cancer had not have been ruled out.

. He tried transexamic acid, then norethistrone (2 cycles) neither worked. So he has referred me back to the gynae. I'm seeing him 13th April. I'm also now anaemic due to blood loss, so GP has prescribed iron supplements,blood test to check my iron levels later April. Trying is on hold as with the issues im having i have a higher chance of having a miscarriage.

I keep telling myself good will come from all this, that once this is resolved we stand a better chance of having a baby. Hope is the only thing that keeps me going.Sometimes we have to take a step backwards to be able to move forwards. Giving ourselves the best chance. Which is what both of us are doing.

Please keep me updated with your journey. Here if you need to talk/rant 💞 x x x

I agree with jess1981. I'm 37 and have amh of 5.1. My consultant said I can still get pregnant naturally, though reduced chance. It basically means you have less eggs, but some months you will release ones of a good enough quality. You just might be a little less often than if your amh was higher. Your amh isn't that bad. Nice guidelines only say you may by hard to stimulate in ivf if your amh is below 5.5 and need higher drug dosages - I've responded well on a high dose. Have no experience with the other tests you've been having, but don't think you should see your amh as a major issue. Best wishes xx

Hollibob in reply to anna0908

Thank are you doing with waiting?

anna0908 in reply to Hollibob

It was Otd today. Unfortunately bfn 😢 xx

Hollibob in reply to anna0908

I'm sorry to hear that...look after yourself x


I have low amh and responded poor to highest drugs. But I got two (only one fertilised) and everyone keeps telling me it's quality not quantity X

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