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FET next Friday 26th. Defrosting day before just in case :(

Omg just finished in the clinic. So worried, my cool kids were frozen day 2 to be safe as last cycle they stopped developing day 3.

Had scan today, all set to go next Friday, a week today, but defrosting 24 hours earlier just in case :(

Got to decide if we implant 2 or 3

Doctor says 3 to go for it

Biologist says depends on quality, they defrost in batches of 3 if 2 good and one poor they put them all in.

Sat in the airport but lost now returning home.

What to do?!?!

Will they make it?!?!

I have 6

Any advice if positive vibes more than welcome girls ;) you are all fab

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Ooo, it all sounds very exciting and scary for you. Got my FET next month. It's good you have 6 altogether, so at least you have good odds. I'm sure your wee frosties will do great. Positive vibes coming your way from me. Just take it easy, relax, big deep breaths and positive thoughts.


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Aaah thank hon xx


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