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Defrosting 2 day frosties 24 hours before implantation

Hi Diane

Hope all OK with you

I went to the clinic on Friday, they started to say they will do the FET on Friday, defrost in the morning and call around 1030 to go in midday.

Then the biologist looked that they are 2 days old and changed to defrost Thursday, call to say how they do and implant on Friday.

I'm terrified they will arrest.

Also, they advised implant 3 as they defrost in "batches" of 3 ?????

I understand it increases the chance but isn't it àlso running a mega risk if they stick?

So many concerns and I'm not even on what will be a 19 day wait :(

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Hi Losinghopefast77. I’m fine thanks! I can really understand your concerns, but you need to trust your embryologist. He/she knows your little embies best and will want to give you your best chance too. Obviously, it will be your decision in the end, but if your embies do start to grow well, then perhaps just replace 2?? I do realise you are terrified, but everything is being done for you. Thinking of you. Diane

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I know you've asked for Diane's advice which I think is good.

I'm like you, why did they freeze them at day 2 originally, but want to thaw them and carry them to day 3's now?

I can understand them wanting to defrost more than one at the same time to avoid disappointment, but I'm with you, why 3?

We had one frozen blastocyst..it was thawed and transfered on the same day.

If it's not sitting right with you, then don't be scared to tell them x

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We did a previous cycle where they got 16 eggs, 15 fertilised all great till day 3 when they stopped developing it arrested leaving us with 4 c's. 2 implanted and the other two couldn't be frozen.

This time I had ohss so they had to freeze them all.

Out of 8 all were fertilised, one poor quality, one with 3 sperm in so only 6 frozen.

We have 1a, 3b, 2c.

Apparently they freeze in batches of three which are equal quality wise.

Due to the quality they say go for three. The biologist said if we have 2 good and one poor, the poor one probably won't implant so we lose nothing implanting it and the alternative is it can't be refrozen due to quality.

It just seems that as I know I am one of many and they don't really look much at individual cases.

I had to tell the biologist they are day 2 to which she said oh then we will probably defrost 24 hours before.

To that I'm thinking oh god dues that mean she feels they will die so save implanting.

I'm just so worried.

Then the two extractions of eggs

Were done without anaesthetic (Spain) I then find out it's only because the team weren't available!!!

Part of me screams for #%##£# sake, then the other party is thinking aaah well you have three tries free, suck it up

It's all so hard.

If all OK

Implant Friday, test date 15 march, 2ww would be nice ;)

Last time period came bang on time.

What a mess


Ohhhh hun this is all sooooo confusing and hard to understand sometimes. Diane has given some really good advice and I think she's right, you have to trust your embryologist. Maybe they're thinking giving them another day might give the strongest 2 a chance to develop more and then maybe only implant 2? I would be concerned with implanting 3 as even though chances of triplets is low it is a risk. Have you spoken to your consultant/embryologist about your concerns?

Easier said than done but try to relax and distract yourself from everything as you need a nice cosy stress free environment for your embies (however many they transfer). All the very best of luck lovely. I'll be thinking of you on Friday 👍🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 xxx

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Hey kat

You're a star, thankyou x

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Hey, Losinghopefast. I have the same issues with my clinic, and the same concerns. It's all well and good to implant multiple embryos for a 'better' chance of pregnancy, but multiple embryos developing is problematic and comes with a greater chance of fatality. This is not explained properly. Clinics here rate a 'success' as being a pregnancy up to 20 weeks. If that featus fails to make it to a full-term pregnancy, but beyond 20 weeks, how is that a success? I have battled with this, and I have told the clinic that I only want a single embryo transfer each time. The cost in money is greater, but the cost and value to life far exceeds any money matters. Of course, the clinic have conceded that it is my choice, but I know they are disappointed becasue this could have a huge negative impact on what they class (and advertise) as being a 'success'. Especially given that I am over 40, and given that I have 15 embryos in storage. But with all the money spent and all the 'wrong' decisions made so far, I cannot affort to take risks, either financially or emotionally. I am also going to insist that only one embryo be thawed. If that's not the right embryo, then I will wait until next time. I would much rather loose one embryo than two at any given time. They are too precious. I will remian patient. Don't be afraid to say what you feel. It can be difficult sometimes, I know. But I prefer the 'bottom up' approach, rather than 'top down'. It's my experience, my life and my future - not theirs. No-one is an expert and no-one knows best. Each individual's circumstance should be considered on its own merit and not on national or clinical (and, let's face it) very broad, dubious and unexplained figures. Fingers crossed for you this week.... please, please let us know how you get on. Keep calm and troop on!!!!

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Aaah thankyou x


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