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Injections started!

Hi all,

Had my day 2 scan this morning. All fine and she saw 7 follicles for definite anyway.

Just did first injection. I set it up and hubbie injected (have to keep him involved!!!).

Was ok but just couldn't get the needle off after!!! Luckily it was a 300ml pen and that was my dosage so I could get rid of the whole pen.

My other ones are 900ml pens though so I need to take the bloody needle off properly from tomorrow 🙈

Anyone else have issues like that or just stupid me!!!

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O wow first injection....hope it was Not too daunting.... we should be starting in a couple of weeks if all goes well with the first scan....did you guys find it difficult


Was absolutely fine :)

Was just not getting needle off after which is the pain in the arse! But luckily I could dump that pen. Better make sure I can get it off tomorrow etc xxx

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Good luck allieb21! I had the same problem my first time as instructions said to push cap back on to hear a click and twist needle off. I almost snapped the pen! Figured it didn't need to click in the end. You should just be able to put cap on and twist off. Good luck with your cycle. Xx

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Thanks Hun hopefully will do ok tomorrow!

Hope you doing ok xxx


Hope tomorrow goes well allieb21...sounds like quite a tricky thing to do.


Hi allieb21, Oh dear! I thionk if you follow "Mango100's" instructions all should be OK. Good luck with it all! Diane


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