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Grow follicles grow

Just had my final scan and all booked in for egg collection on Friday eeeeek!!

I've got 17 follicles all together, 7 are 15mm or more and another 4 are 11-14mm. I've had an extra 3 days of stimms and been eating loads of protein, drinking lots of milk and used a hot water bottle to try and encourage them to grow.

Is anyone else at this stage or already been through egg collection, how many follicles did you have and how many eggs were collected?

Jo x

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All set for tomorrow, anyone else going in for egg collection tomorrow? I'm nervous but also really excited!!!! Xx


I hope you get lots of really good quality eggs from those follicles.

Good luck for the rest of your treatment.


Good luck Jojo, that's a great number of follicles. I had my EC on 7th August and was very disappointed when they only collected 6 eggs. However, 4 fertilised and went to blastocyst. Remember it only takes one!

Best wishes xx


I know that's my mantra at the moment, quality over quantity and all that lol. How many did u get put back?x


Out of those that fertilised one was very good quality, two reasonable and one not so good. They took the decision to only transfer the one of very good quality. I got my BFP on 23rd August! :)



Oh wow that's amazing, did they freeze the others?xx


No they didn't and in hindsight I wish I had pushed a bit harder as they didn't really give me a clear explanation as to why they didn't freeze them. However, I have a feeling it's because I'm an NHS patient and they don't receive any further funding for frozen cycles. The good thing is that my trust are willing to fund two cycles and this was my first one. x


Hi JoJo I hope your egg collection went ok? I had mine on monday. They collected 14 eggs from me and out of those 11 of them fertilised. I felt ok on the day of collection until the evening but next 2 days after I was quite sore ,very tired and bloated. (I still have a bloated tum but unsure whether it's all from the ivf or some from the chocolate biscuits I've had as my comfort 😀. I go and have my transfer tomorrow morning then just going to "try to relax" and not stress for the next 2 weeks. I'll see how that goes. XX


Hi Mrs V,

My EC went well, collected 9 eggs. I'm just waiting anxiously for the call this morning to find out how many have fertilised.

I know the bloating is insane, although I did pig out yesterday and ate a family size bag of maltesers lol. The cat isn't happy with me either as she can't snuggle on my stomach like she usually does.

Best of luck for ET today, how many are they putting back?xx

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Our clinic only allows 1 embryo to be transferred. (I can't complain as I'm just pleased we are getting help and is on nhs too). I'm feeling quite anxious as I had a dreadful nights sleep with cramps and pains in my stomach.hoping that my period isn't trying to appear Xx


I think mine has the same policy with a blasto.

Maybe it's a mixture of nerves and excitement for today along with all the hormones we've had to pump through our bodies.

Try not to worry (easier said than done I know) maybe mention to your clinic as they may be able to put your mind at rest.

Good luck for ET :) xx

Hoping mine will be a blasto transfer on Wednesday so I'm not too far behind you xx


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