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It takes 2 baby!!!!! X

Good news.....so after injecting for a huge 46 days, being told we're cancelling, we're not cancelling, you don't have follicles, you have follicles, you don't have enough follicles, you have follicles but they're not big enough, you have follicles that are too big, so you don't have enough follicles, we're going to try.... And having 4/5 follicles give me an egg, I've since learned x2 have fertilised!!! I am ecstatic!!! I know there's a long long long way to go, but as I always say, I'll take the good days thank you!' ...,..., sending my love and vibes to all....XXXXXXXX ET Monday. Fingers crossed XXXX HAPPY SATURDAY PEEPS XXXXXX

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I'm just sooooo grateful they didn't give up on me! Words cannot express my gratitude to the decision makers and all the staff XXX so happy right now!!!! X

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This is FANTASTIC and your post seriously cracked me up, so so funny. I sent you a PM lucky lady.

And yes, I am glad they stuck with you, to get 4 egg and 2 fertilising is awesome. YIPPEEEEEEEEE XXXXXX

HAPPY SATURDAY TO YOU TOO and let's both look forward to the transfers on Monday - YIKES :-) But for now, enjoy this moment xxxxx


sounds like you have been through the mill.. good luck


This is great news, I am on same kinda journey keep getting told they might be cancelling then something happens then not so waiting for scan Monday were I'm told could be cancelling. Started injections 13th November so still hope listening to your story. Can I ask if you don't mind what size did your folicles get to?


Great news. Good luck for ET.


Great news so far... my thoughts are with you for a hopeful fab outcome! Blimey they played mind games with you didn't they?! Lots of good luck and baby wishes heading yr way! Xx


So pleased for you. Fingers crossed it carries on being good news for you xxx


Great news, good luck for the et xx


Thanks all- they're both in!!! Grade 2 & grade 3. But I'm keeping my fingers and legs tightly crossed! I don't know how they stay in????? My bladder was that full at transfer, I'm sure they could've slid out 5 mins after the procedure. However I'm religiously taking my progesterone and oestrogen and hoping for the best. Good luck to everyone- any tips welcomed!!!! XXXXXX


Hey hopefuljo wonderful news.. After all you been through so pleased for you :)

The only tips I can think of..

Drink a glass of pineapple juice everyday as it can help potential implantation.

Drink plenty of water.

Eat well in the 2ww(sure you do anyway)

Avoid heavy lifting.

Gentle exercise like walking is ok in the 2ww nothing too strenuous.

Rest as much as you can and let hubby take care of you :)

Wishing you a BFP :)

Take care Jess X


Thank you my lovely! Check to all of your list, so that's a good thing- I've also thrown in some brasil nuts everyday too & a glass of prune juice to help the meds side effects.

Are you still heading for a January try? Good luck my lovely. XXXXX


I wish you well with it :)

No I haven't heard from my clinic.. Oh well just keep trying till I do and of course there's Xmas to take my mind off things lol!! Thanks for asking tho :)

Let me know how you get on X


Hello. Hope you get the results you want. Fingers crossed. I actually asked the doctor doing my transfer can I go to the toilet after this as I'm so scared they will just fall out. And he said that's impossible they can't just fall out. Really reassured me that going to the loo light walks places would not make them fall out. I found it funny afterwards And sounded silly for asking it. But I was very professional and answered my concerns. Hope this helps. ️Xxx


Thanks Piglet. All those things I told myself I wouldn't stress over/do, as soon as they were in my perspective changed!!!' Heheh.

How are you my darling? Aren't you back this week? X


Tbh honest rubbish. I had a meltdown this morning. Could not stop crying. Which I know won't help but I could not help it. I'm back tommrow for another scan. I'm dreading it and kinda don't want to go. But know I have to. I'm still trying to remain a little hopeful as I'm still not bleeding heavily at all and have no pain at all I understand that of course it does not mean that I have not lost or still loosing my baby. just want to know what on earth is going on so I can Start to move on and deal with it. But I can't do that at the moment. ️Xxx


Hey honey- nothing I can say that will make you feel better, but know I'm thinking of you. XXXXXX


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