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Bleeding during 2 week wait

Hello Everyone

This is my first post here, quick history is we just went through first IVF cycle with pregnancy test due next Tue.

I was really ill last week with a migraine and was physically sick most of Wednesday. Thursday I had diarrhoea. Yesterday at work I started spotting which went on to bleeding. Still bleeding this morning. Nurse at fertility clinic advises we to continue with Crinone gel and test on Tues as planned.

We had two embryos transferred to help increase our chances : I'm having periodic sharp pains, I don't know if this is implantation or if I'm clutching at straws.

Unfortunately I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and had to undergo laparotomy in Nov of last year, I'm age 40 also. Had 3 month course of zoladex then it was straight on to IVF.

Unable to relax and so worried. I'm not sure if anyone has been in a similar situation and had a positive outcome?

Thank you so much 💗 X X X

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Sorry to hear what you're going through. Only had my transfer today (age 38, severe endo and thyroid problems) so don't have any experience to share but nurse did say don't assume anything for sure until the pregnancy test. Xxx


Thank you so much Cmat, this is really helpful. Here's hoping it'll all be OK. I will keep everything crossed for you and hope you can have a good rest now, take it easy and look after yourself Xxxx

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Hi carrie75. Only just read your post as I am only here Monday, Wednesday & Friday. I was sorry to read about the bleeding. Good you contacted the clinic, as it is right that you carry on with the Crinone gel. You had 2 embryos returned, so it just maybe that one of them has not continued to develop, causing the bleeding. Because of this possibility, we have to continue as though all is OK, as so many very early pregnancies do bleed for some reason or another. Fingers crossed for the pregnancy test in the morning, and obviously I do hope that all is well. Thinking of you. Diane

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Hello Diane,

That's absolutely no problem, thank you so much for your really helpful message and advice here, that's much appreciated. This makes a lot of sense what you have suggested.

I also passed quite a large lump of the crinone this morning, bleeding seems less since, but we will keep our fingers crossed and see what tomorrow brings. Thank you so much for your help. Best wishes, Carrie X


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