Are baths safe during the 2 week wait?

Hi everyone

I wondered if anyone has had any concrete advice from a medical professional about having baths during your 2 week wait (or pregnancy)? I am currently in the thick of the IVF process and have heard hot baths aren't safe but warm ones are fine.

I love a bath and have one most days but obviously don't want to risk it if it could be risky. Sorry if this seems like a silly question but I just want to do all I can even though nature will take its course anyway


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  • Hi, I was told to avoid taking a bath altogether for the 2ww by my clinic. X

  • Thanks bearface x

  • I was told to avoid baths after ET for a few days but can't remember for how long. I wouldn't risk it and haven't had any now that I'm pregnant either. I got an information leaflet from the clinic that gave a list of things to avoid.

  • Thanks Tlove, I will probably just stick to showers to be on the safe side and for peace of mind. It's good to hear I may get some literature about what to avoid too x

  • Hello

    My acupuncturist told me to avoid heat on the abdomen so I avoided baths. The hospital didn't mention it. I think if I had baths I would have worried so even though I quite fancied one I just stick to showers!

    Good luck x

  • Thanks Hopeful1982, yes think I'll definitely be avoiding them, I'll live!

    Strangely though, my acupuncturist has advised to keep my abdomen warm and this is also advised by Zita West in one of her books I have. How strange, the amount of conflicting advice you come across is confusing and worrying isn't it :-/

    Thanks for your reply x

  • I was told to use a hot water bottle until EC then nothing afterwards! It is a bit confusing to get conflicting information especially during such a stressful time! x

  • I've heard to avoid hot baths but also read about keeping the uterus warm as a cold uterus can be hostile!

  • Hi, Georgina! Suppose having baths during 2ww isn't a good idea. The point is that hot water may highten your temperature. This can lead to the high blood pressure. And this can play badly with your body. I mean it's already been in a light stress facing the important changes. You must protect it form extra stress, I believe.

    Probably 2 weeks will just fly away with taking not hot shower. Just to make sure you were cautious about every tiniest danger.

    I'm not the expert and may be mistaken but being in your shoes one time I excluded the baths for even longer period.

    Wish you good luck)

  • My clinic said no baths or swimming after transfer- but it wasn't because of heat. They said you shouldn't get water near your cervix because of risk of infection.

    Anyway, I didn't and got BFP so stay away from those baths!!

  • Ours told us not to take baths until after the 2ww that was due to infection. But then I read and was told not to have baths Due to the heat.. It's only now I'm a few days off 5 months that I've finally started having baths.. I probably waited wayyyyy longer than usual but just have been so scared-!!

  • Thank you everyone, I've decided I definitely won't be having baths, I don't like them enough to take that risk x

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