Injections Gonal F update

Injections Gonal F update

I did my 2nd FSH injection tonight (GONAL F) and whilst it's not pleasant injecting yourself it really isn't as bad as I thought it would be. It's loaded into a pen (like diabetics use) that you twist to allow the correct dose and attach a disposable needle to each time. It goes in your tummy under your belly button (on either side) and I was advised to pinch the skin to lessen the bruising etc. I've attached a pic of the pen to give an idea of the size. Side effects wise I've had a little bloating and felt a little nauseous but not much else but I'm only up to day 2! Hope this helps. Good luck ladies Xx

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  • Pleased it's going well for you. It's weird it just becomes routine injecting lol xxx

  • Hi Kat9lives. Good to hear that you are coping OK with the injs. If it gets a bit sore, try an ice cube on the "spot" for 10 minutes before injecting - magic! Diane

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