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Gonal F injections first round

Hi I was diagnosed as infertile at approximately 18 years old as I was no longer ovulating. I am now 26 and have been attending for 2 years at the fertility and endocrine unit. I am still producing eggs but they do not grow large enough or release they have been described as paused.

I have been on:

• at least 3 cycles of cliomifene up to maximum dose. (Managed to grow and release an egg in last cycle on day 32 of my cycle. This was unexpected and had already began next treatment. Consultant decided to move me onto the next treatment)

•one or two cycle of letrasole with injections. No effect at all.

I had an X-ray on my tubes to check for blockages and this all came back clear.

i have started this week folitropin alpha injections (Gonal F) 50 international units every day. I just wanted to know any ones experiences how long it took for to get any results or successful pregnancies.

Thanks guys 😀

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Have they discussed potential IVF or egg freezing with you yet?

Obviously if your eggs don't release on their own normally, IVF will collect and fertilise for you. Might be worth asking?


Hi thank you for your reply. No it has never been mentioned what has been mentioned is that I am only ""26"" and other people are a lot older. Therefore they are trying tobog to do waiting lists but obviously people are getting older.

Slightly annoying as I have a medical reason why I can't fall pregnant naturally. I don't see why my age is relevant I was told the earlier I start to try the better. My husband and I waited until we wanted to start trying.

They tend not to ask everytime I ask what's next I get don't worry there are options but they won't ever go into them. He did guarantee he would get me to release an egg on this but I don't listen to that as he said that for my cliomifene.


At the end of the day, whatever age you are (and keep getting reminded of), you've been seeing the fertility specialists for 2 years and their actions aren't making any difference, so they need to answer your what happens next questions!

I knew I had endo. After 6 months of trying we got referred back to the gyne who did my previous laparoscopy. Basic blood tests were done, had another laparoscopy, 6 cycles of clomid with no follicle tracking and only 3 cycles of day 21 blood tests..my cycles are 21-28 days!

That's when the IVF referral started..more tests taking more time..it was obviously just a tick list they were going through.

Our journey is now 3 years down the road. We've had IVF and experienced miscarriages, so we are now on the more tests road.

It's truly exhausting having to battle all the time to get people to listen to you, so without knowing what area you are in, it's worth doing some research to see what flow charts your doctor is following, what ccg you are under and what IVF they offer. Some areas have low age cut off's, so just bear this in mind and you could even print it out to ask about at your next appointment?

Here are some links which might help you in your search:






There was another useful link that I've seen previously, but I can't find it now..it's a NICE pathway for fertility treatment...


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