BFP but anxious!

Hi everyone! We got the result we dreamed of last Sat a BFP very clearly on 2 tests. My scan is at our fertility clinic on 18th Feb and I just can't wait to see it! Every day I'm checking symptoms etc and worrying if it's going to be a chemical or ectopic pregnancy! I reckon I'm about 5 weeks and I've had a few symptoms extreme tiredness, frequent peeing and bloating. I've gone off a few foods but no morning sickness....yet!!!

Has anyone else had these irrational thoughts and has any one got any advice for me that might help get me through?!

Sending all positive vibes to you all xx

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  • Not had a bfp yet, but my friend who is now with twins had so many doubts and worries. We had a pact. She would stress but Google was not allowed, I would secretly look and find good stuff!! :) it's normal to be either, God it's been so hard to get this far. You are normal

    Enjoy, smile, stroke that tummy. It's a bfp!!!!!

  • Thank you for that! I've been using google too much! Hubby has no idea so I think I will ban myself from it now so that's a good idea!

    Sending you lots of luck on your journey xx

  • Hi emmaday28. I know what you mean so you are not crazy, or we both are!! Our scan is 23rd and it's a mixture of excitement and anxiety. You would think after all these years of trying I would be more patient! Whenever I have an anxious moment I just remind myself of how lucky I am to have got to this point and how so many would love to have these worries. That normally sorts me out and let's me enjoy it! Xx

  • I know patience is not my strong point! It's constantly waiting in this process! I feel incredibly lucky! I think it's because at this stage you feel a bit on your own you don't have any other tests until you go back to the clinic I think that would help by checking hcg levels are increasing as they should! I'm glad that you feel the same! Have you been feeling ok? Any side effects?xx

  • Totally agree you go from 4 visits a week to not seeing them for 5 weeks! Feeling pretty good, mostly sore boobs and a bit lightheaded. Have you booked your Dr appointment? Mine is next week so trying to focus on that to break the wait up! X

  • No I haven't as wasn't sure whether to or not but nearly did last week but I think I def will do that! My doctor is great and known me for years so I'm sure he will help reassure me!xx

  • I know exactly how you feel. I got BFP at exactly 2 weeks after EC (I tested early) and then had another 5 weeks until my first scan. And for me that time was far harder than the 2ww. It seems like this entire process in one long waiting game! I constantly googled symptoms, lack of certain symptoms and even more so when I had some symptoms for a bit but then they stopped. I think because we have been through so much just to get to this stage it makes us all the more worried that something is going to go wrong. The only thing I can say is that everyone has different symptoms and they can come and go so please try not to worry too much - easier said than done I know. If it helps I'm now 27 weeks and whilst I do still have the occasional spell of googling things it has become easier to believe that this is actually happening. The 7 week scan did help with this a bit but then after the 12 week scan (I had at 13 weeks) I kind of felt like this weight had been lifted and I could finally relax and belive it was real. Good luck and hope you don't go too crazy waiting for the scan!

  • That's amazing news well done! It definitely helps to know I'm not the only irrational Google addict!! I bet you can't wait to meet your little one! I wish you the best of luck xx

  • Congratulations!! Isn't it the best feeling!?

    I had all the exact same thoughts, I did 6 pregnancy tests on the run up to the scan! 😳 absolutely dreaded my 7 week scan incase our little bean wasn't there. I don't think you can stop those thoughts.

    It took until our 12 week (when I was still convinced our bean had gone somewhere) I relaxed so much more!

    I'm now 18 weeks pregnant and still have the odd paranoid thought.

    It's a long journey to get to your bfp that you find it so hard to believe it will happen to you. But it does 😊 Congrats again and have a happy healthy pregnancy xx

  • Thank you! And congratulations πŸ˜ƒ I think I will feel much better getting to 12 weeks! I did think about doing another pregnancy test too! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xx

  • Congratulations, I would like to say these fears go away but I'm afraid they don't! Im at 15 weeks and still worried. All I can say is try to relax and stay positive.

  • Hi there I am currently 39 weeks pregnant and found the first 14 weeks so terribly hard! The wait for the scan is so long and I had 3 different bleeds after then. Just wanted to say it is only naturally that you feel this way after the journey you have taken! It does get easier as the pregnancy gets further along xxxx

  • Thank you that's good to know that it does get easier! Congratulations and I bet you can't wait now to meet your new arrival!!!xx

  • At 12 weeks my husband sat me down and had a serious word with me! I was totally losing the plot. After 14-16 weeks I have been totally fine! When u start feeling movements you just know X

  • Your right I can't wait to feel my baby move!! X

  • Firstly congratulations on your BFP!! I have too been through ivf and in the end used an egg sharer.. We had our test date and on the morning before I couldn't wait and did a test to find out.. It came up straight away Pregnant!! I couldn't believe it!! We've been through so much and I've been in and out of hospital.. but I am now 19 weeks pregnant with twinnies!! I find out what flavour they are on 18th February!! All I wanna say is never give up on your dreams. They do come true!! Good luck on your journey πŸ‘β€πŸ’™ xxx

  • Thank you! That's amazing news congratulations!! That's great advice I think because we all give ourselves a hard time as we think it's never going to happen and then when it does we don't allow ourselves to be happy and enjoy it! Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy with your amazing twins!!xx

  • Hello Emmaday28

    How you feel is completely normal. When we got our BFP my initial feeling was pure relief followed by absolute fear! I couldn't understand why I wasn't jumping with joy - after all I had got what I had been praying for! But, we all go through so much to get to this stage and I couldn't quite believe it. I kept worrying that it would all be taken away and that I would be back at square one.

    The wait until that first scan is as bad as the 2ww. I was so relieved when the morning sickness started about a week before! But, even once I had that I was still really nervous waiting for the 12 week scan. Then I was terrified to tell people as if saying it out loud might jinx it.....

    I would tell you to try and not worry but I think it's impossible! Just try to keep yourself busy.

    Good luck for your scan x

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