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Period has arrived, starting patches for FET this Monday. About 2 weeks till ET baby dust to all :)


Oh God here we go again!!!

Anyone else about the same time as me?

I need this time to work.

We have 1a 3b and 2c cool kids waiting to come home.

Prayers, happy stories and advice appreciated including does and don'ts during 2ww providing cool kids warm up well :)

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I did my first injection on short protocol last night. Totally newbie first timer!!!

Good luck xxx

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Good luck hon x

I'm starting injections on short protocol on tues and all being well ET approx 2 weeks after. Good luck to us all 😊 xxx

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We will be about the same time then hon. I think I'm on patches about 15 days then it's et then the dreaded 2ww :(

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