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Wobble.....so annoyed

So I had a wobble this morning, I'm on day nine of waiting, test day is on Sunday. I've been having acupuncture right through my treatment I had the pre and post transfer acupuncture. I pay private for my treatment, medication and acupuncture. I have another acupuncture session this afternoon as they recommend having it 8-9 days after FET. So I sat there this morning thinking should I take a test before this afternoon because its £40 for acupuncture. I am disappointed in myself for thinking about money but so far I have spent about £9000 on treatment. I feel like a horrible person to be thinking that way. as I want this so bad, I don't know why but the last two days I have gone really negative thinking that it hasn't worked. After fighting with myself and my emotions I decided not to take a test and I will have my acupuncture, I am trying to stay positive that I will get that BFP over the weekend. This is our 3rd attempt private and I am so scared and don't know what I will do if it doesn't work this time X

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Wish you a very good luck. Hope you get your BFP xx


Hang in there hon, nearly there x


Enjoy the acupuncture, prob the best thing you should do as it will relax you. I think it's perfectly normal to feel negative and down. The whole process is so appallingly emotional and a lot of the meds can make you feel depressed on top of everything else. I wish you the very best.


Don't beat yourself up over thinking about cost & money. I've started being more conscious over what I'm spending extra to treatment as every penny saved gets spent on baby! Or that's what I keep telling my uterus where hopefully there is an embryo implanting.

Good luck xx

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