The Journey so far....scan in 5 days

Hope everyones journey is going well and I am so sorry to read of those who have had BFN and miscarriages, both I have experienced. My journey is happening through egg donation, my amazing sister donated her eggs which then was put with my husbands sperm. I have 4 frozen left, I am paying private and this is my 3rd attempt. I would defiantly recommend acupuncture I had it every week for two weeks before FET, I had the pre and post transfer acupuncture and I had it again in my 2ww to relax and help the blood flow. I’m 6 weeks preganant and my scan is in 5 days, you wouldn’t think that at 6 weeks you would be getting so many symptoms, this week in work has been my worst I’ve consantly been feeling sick, exhausted and dizzy on and off, twinges and cramps, sore boobs, the thought of eating meat or fish is making me gag. So I keep saying to myself I’m either really sick or I’m pregnant. Then I ask myself if the little one wasn’t there would I still be having these symptoms? You just go around in ciricles and I don’t think I will relax until I’ve had the scan. I need to shake myself and concentrate on the positive that I’ve had that BFP and no bleeding, so the little one is still there, hoping the heartbeat is a lot stronger than are last in July. Baby dust to you all x x x

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  • So exciting that you have made it to this stage and it all sounds positive for you. I hope your scan brings you peace of mind and some reassurance so you can and savour every special moment. Sending you big hugs snd lots of luck for your scan xx

  • Aw! Congratulations! All the best for your scan and the rest of your pregnancy x

  • Congratulations and much deserved xxx

  • Hi SuzanneAM. Unfortunately, you are getting all your early pregnancy symptoms all in one go! Hopefully all will settle down and it won't go on too long. Your first scan is imminent - how fab is that? I'm sure once you've seen your little one, it will reassure you that all is well worth it. Hope you soon feel better. Diane

  • Thank you Diane, I just hope the heart is a lot stronger and this little one wants to stay with me and survives X

  • Oh I truly hope it does. Do let me know how it goes if you can. Diane

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