5 eggs fertilised! Hoping to get some blastocysts this time!

Just had the call after yesterday's egg collection (2nd icsi round). 5 out of our 6 eggs have fertilised. Feeling much more positive this time. I have reduced ovarian reserve and only had 3 fertilise last time and none made it to blastocyst. Just wondering of others who've had similar numbers and how many have made it to day 5? Found it so hard last time waiting to hear how our embryos had progressed!

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  • I had 4 collected but one was not mature. Of the 3 left, all fertilised and went to blastocyst. 2 out of 3 still looked good at that point, and both were transferred. I'm 17 weeks with twins now! One of which we now know is a boy but the other we can't tell yet. Best of luck!!

  • Thank you for your reply. Huge congrats. Gives me hope! Would be amazing to get 2 blastocysts but don't know at the moment whether we would put 1 or 2 back! Hope you are having a good pregnancy. X

  • I just figured having 2 transferred would improve chances but you do have to be comfortable with the idea of twins! I'm alternating between thinking this is fantastic as it's an instant family and oh my god, it's going to be so much work! We've known since 6 weeks as I had a scan then that showed 2 sacs, so they can tell quite early on.

  • Best of luck!

  • Hi Anna, I too have low egg reserve but doc says that doesn't mean it can't work. If you get decent quality embryos, that's all you need. It only takes one. It will depend on your age, as you can ask for two to be put back in if you are over 35. Good luck 😊

  • I also have low egg reserve I had 2 transfered and currently on my 2ww test day is Tuesday I have herd so many success stories from ladies like good luck x

  • Thank you everyone for replies . I am 37 and would have had 2 put back if we had gone for 3 day transfer. Just not so sure what to do if we are lucky enough to have 2 blasts as chance of twins so much higher. Think we will end up going with gut feeling on the day! Good luck for your test day shell1402. X

  • Mine were 5 day but they were a bit slow that's why we were allowed 2 feeling really nervous about test day x

  • We were told 33% chance of IVF even working and out of that, 25% chance of twins if 2 transferred. I don't know if transferring at day 3 vs 5 makes a difference to chances of twins, I hadn't heard that.

  • They told me mine were early blastocyst so hoping and praying at least 2 has stuck I have had the scratch and glue x

  • We had 1 morula/early blast last time and read many posts from people who were successful with this. Think you can definitely by hopeful if you have 2 on board. Difference in twin rates are because if you put blastocysts back, you know your embryo has already made the difficult transition to blastocyst which only about half of embryos make. We were told 35% for early transfer, but that 50% of blastocyst transfers result in pregnancy. We had scratch and glue this time too. Hoping it all helps. The waiting is so tough though x

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