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Negative test 8 days post 5 day embryo transfer :(


Hello everyone,

I am very new to this and have just had my first ICSI treatment. I had a 5 day embryo transfer 8 days ago. I couldn't wait any longer so done a test this morning that has come up not pregnant :( I used a clearblue digital one.

In fairness, the clinic told me not to test until Sunday, but I just can't wait!

Any helpful advice would be very much appreciated :)

Thank you everyone xx

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Hi Beverley,

It's like exactly my story, only difference that I didn't test yet lol

Consultant has asked me to test on Monday. Wait is already killing me. But same time doesn't want to face negative test. Nurse told me if I do test before my test date it might give false positive or false negative. So I think it might be false negative you have got today. Are you getting any symptoms at all ? Wish you all the best xx

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Thank you for replying :) you've done extremely well not doing a test! Well done :) I have failed miserably! I don't really have many symptoms, just very bloated and sometimes I have mild cramping too. What about you? Good luck and best wishes to you.... I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you xx

Thanks Hun. And I will keep my fingers crossed for you ☺️

I hope it works for both of us.

No symptoms as such except feeling bloated and mild cramps some times. Can't wait till Monday, I am bit worried because test date is my birthday 😁😁🙈

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Well I hope you have a lovely birthday. I'll be thinking of you. Is this your first go the same as me? Xx

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Yes it is. We were trying from last 3 1/2 years xx

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Wishing you all the best :)

It's too early to test...... There are no shortcuts here so put those sticks away and go and find something to distract you! Do not test again until day 14!

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Ok! Thank you :) so hopefully there is still a chance it's worked? I'm on day 9 now post FET and the clinic told me to test on day 11 which is Sunday. Do you think this is still too soon?

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Yes- hold out til Sunday. If you do it earlier and its negative it might still be wrong and you will have two more days of pain. Be strong!!


It's too early.....good luck for Sunday x


I know how it feels..when you test early, you know that it may not be as accurate as OTD, but it can change overnight when your hormone level increases.

On our FET round, I tested early. Day 8 'not pregnant', day 9 'pregnant'. Sadly it was short lived, ending in miscarriage.

I personally prefer to know pre OTD. I can mentally prepare myself for the news + it's easier to share with the other half and look after them when needed.

You just have to take the early results with a pinch of salt and remain calm x


Thank you hollibob, it's so hard to wait when you're so excited to know. I just really hope I get a positive on Sunday. I'm not feeling any different though :( my husband is now on dialysis so it would be lovely to get some good news 😊 Has ivf worked for you as yet? X

Hollibob in reply to Hidden

Sadly not..we've had two fresh and one FET cycle.

First cycle got a positive, but we were told that we'd had a missed miscarriage at 9+5 weeks. Negative second round and third round positive, but ended in another miscarriage.

Because I now know what's it's like to miscarry, we believe we had two more prior to IVF, so we are currently having recurrent miscarriage's never simple!

I tested early twice and got BFNs, then on test day it changed. I was in utter shock- and disbelief as I was so convinced that it had not worked- so, please be patient. I also had no symptoms either - keeping fingers crossed for you 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 Xx

Testing early can be unreliable. Always best to wait and then you know for sure. Hopefully you have had a false negative and you have got that BFP xx

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