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Day 8- Negative test


So this morning I woke up and thought I need to get those pee sticks opened.. so I unwrap my test First Response early detection test upto 6 days to be precise 😂. So I sit myself on the loo thinking should I be doing this? So anyway temptation gives in and the urge to pee is needed so I go ahead and use my pee stick negative my OTD is on the 26th .. I now wish I hadn't bloody peed on that stick now and just carried on but no I'm an impatient person and I just can't wait... I'm thinking is this it now does that mean come test day will be the same result or is alot going to change over the next few coming days 🙈 literally wish this journey was easy but it never is especially when all you hope for is to see those 2 lines on a test and know that will be the happiest day of your life... This 2WW is a head f**k and now I've made it worse with an urge to test... Oh well best dust myself off and carry on with the day a stroll down the beach and sometime with hubby & our friends today who happen to be staying over this weekend so time to forget and not ponder on this morning mishaps and pray hard for a better outcome at OTD... 🙏🙏😖🤞🤞🤯

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Hope the result changes. You have loads of time til test day :)


Keeping my fingers crossed for you that it’s a positive result on the 26th. Having your friends with you today might be a good distraction xx

Your HCG levels maybe lower than other ladies. Doesn't mean to say you're not pregnant. It ain't over till the fat lady sings x

It’s too early as you know. Get your partner to hide the sticks from you until otd and try to keep busy. Good luck XX

Oh lovely it’s still all to play for .. stay positive and try and enjoy the beach. Will keep everything crossed for you xx

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