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8 days post 5-day transfer: I'm a balloon!

I've been steadily getting more bloated since Friday, and as you might have read in a previous post, started to have some night-time nausea.

You should see my tummy, I look pregnant!

Initially I thought it was something I'd eaten wrong (too much gluten or dairy don't go well with me), but that would normally resolve itself within 24 hrs and maybe some diarrhoea (sorry, tmi!).

But this isn't going away, it's getting worse! It's both high up (just below my chest) as well as lower down, so all around my navel.

Is this anything to worry about? Can you have a delayed onset of OHSS?

Any thoughts on how to relieve it, it's very uncomfortable...

Thanks and hope everyone has a lovely Sunday eve! :-)

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Does your clinic have an emergency number you could call for advice xx


Hi Button,

Thanks for your reply. I had treatment in the hospital and the fertility unit is closed until tomorrow morning. I'll probably call them then. Seems over the top to call in to hospital as emergency? Xx


Hi Gueritarubia,

If you are really bloated and very uncomfortable, I would definitely seek medical advice. Also check the colour of your urine. I was told to do this and make sure it was clear and pale and I was peeing often. OHSS can occur at anytime from EC to the first weeks of pregnancy, so it is good to be vigilant. Keep drinking water and definitely speak to your clinic or doctor. Better be safe than sorry eh? :)

I do hope you feel better soon! xxx


Thanks KiraJean,

Spoke to the nurse today and going in for check up tomorrow. Urine looks normal so that's at least a good sign. Fingers crossed this indeed is a sign of pregnancy! How are you?


So glad you've taken medical advice. A friend had ohss and it can be quite serious so you wouldn't be wasting anyone's time by getting checked out x

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Waiting for my appointment as we speak! They drew blood earlier this morning so I'll know soon. I've been very cheeky and did a urine pregnancy test at home this morning. Can't quite believe it: BFP!!! Let's see what the consultant says. Apart from jumping for joy with my partner, I haven't shared it with anyone yet. Hopefully they'll confirm now based on blood (was meant to have blood test tomorrow). How are you? Xx

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Hi there, definitely call the clinic/hospital as it sounds like it might be delayed OHSS. I got it 11 days post 4 day transfer and after swelling up over 2 days or so, I started throwing up and was told to go to a&e. Definitely make sure you continue drinking - I was advised to drink 2 to 3 litres per day! I should also say that they did a pregnancy test at the hospital and it was a positive :) good luck!!


Hi Medeine,

Thanks for your reply. How are you doing? I called the hospital today and will be going in tomorrow, morning early for bloods and mid morning for consultant follow up. The nurse I spoke to today suspects late OHSS. She advised to drink loads and eat salty and protein rich food in the meanwhile. How severe was yours? I read that if it's late OHSS it's almost surely due to pregnancy- that would be a good cause for suffering a little! Xx


I got my fingers crossed for you that it is indeed due to pregnancy! The early onset OHSS tends to be due to the trigger shot and clears up relatively quickly, but the late onset is generally due to rising levels of hgc. So yes, worth the suffering! my OHSS was pretty bad - they classed it as moderate, but that felt like an understatement! I was also one of the unlucky few that had to be hospitalised and then put up with 2.5 months of it, but that is only in about 5% of the cases or something so its pretty rare. They do need to check that your liver and kidneys are not being damaged by the swelling (which was the reason I spent 2 days in the hospital)... But in my case all that misery is forgotten really as I am now 38 weeks weeks pregnant and getting ready to meet our little one! I've got all my fingers crossed that it works out for you and your get to enjoy a healthy pregnancy!!! Just make sure the hospital keep an eye on you in terms of all the blood tests ;-) Xx


Oh wow Medeine, that's amazing! Bet you can't wait to meet the little one. Do you already know if it's a boy or girl? Good luck for the delivery, can be any day now I guess! Are you (at least practically) ready?

Waiting to see the consultant as we speak. Did a cheeky urine test at home this morning and - drumroll- PREGNANT! Can't quite believe it yet and want them to confirm. I just didn't want to hear first from them with the future dad stuck in a work meeting. So, took a gamble so we could at least share the moment at home ;-)

Sounds like your moderate OHSS was quite an ordeal with admission and all. How long did it last? All the best! X


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