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Five day post frozen embryo transfer


So I had my frozen embryo transfer last Thursday. Had a few back pains etc but nothing major. The last few days I've had a heavy discharge, no bleeding.

I've been driving myself crazy and really trying to keep my mind off everything (like that's possible). So I did a pregnancy test and it's negative.

I know it's still very early as the clinic told me to do it on Sunday and go in Monday for the blood tests. I'm just feeling very low and deflated.

My husband doesn't understand (as much as he tries) as he says to just wait till Monday and then puts it out of his mind.

Think I'm going crazy!

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Hang in there, I had my FET on the 26th and it’s true what they say the 2WW is the worst part. It’s amazing how you go from feeling relieved and happy for a couple of days to then petrified and feeling and noticing every little thing.

I had a bfn on day 7pt no real symptoms, some back pain, a little cramping to lots of symptoms day 10 and a bfp this morning. It can all change within 24hrs so stay positive, and always feel free to share on here, it’s been such a life line for me. Good luck! Xx

Oh Lisa that's amazing. Congratulations! You must feel so excited, plus scared, anxious, worried and every other emotion we go through lol.

Thanks for your advice. I'll keep everything crossed for my official test x

Thank you, I really appreciate it. And yes, absolutely petrified! :-) I hope you are doing ok x

Only natural but positive thoughts from here on in! 😁

I'm ok. Another day another BFN but will see come Sunday x

Congratulations Lisa, that's amazing! X

Thank you, I really appreciate it x

I totally get what you mean. I had my fresh transfer on the 1st July. I've been driven crazy, I did a test on 2dp5dt, just to see if the trigger shot was still in my system, it was and had no lines since. Although done a few first responses and I think they are famous for evap lines, which makes it look like a faint 2nd line. I'm 6dp5dt today and have sore boobs and on and off cramps. I just feel like I'm going to get AF any day. Feel hopeless today. It drags the 2 week wait! Everything crossed for you! X

I know people always said this wait would be the worst and I thought it would be ok. I had to wait three months whilst the clinic closed during lockdown...but this is definitely the longest part. Fingers crossed for you! X

I know, we did too. A horrible situation isnt it. How was your egg collection? We got 5 eggs out and only 1 survived, so praying it makes it! Xx

Just keep thinking positive thoughts. Is this your first transfer?

We were very lucky and got 10 embryos in the end in the freezer. This is the first one I've tried . Know they say the more you do it the better your chances but I'm sure like most you just want the first to succeed x

Yes 1st 1. It's an emotional rollercoaster! Aw that's brill you have some little frosties :) what pregnancy tests have you been using? You recommend any? X

I think I've always gone with clear blue just due to the branding. My clinic said not to use any of the cheap ones as they aren't as good.

I'm so hoping it works for you. Please let me know how you get on if you want to. It is a good site to help support people. As good are the intentions of friends,family and's just not the same. They can't understand what it's like and telling us to just put it out of our minds is like telling a one legged person to run lol x

😂 yes it really is. So done with other comments that people think are helpful. "You can have my kids if you want." "There's always adoption" "When are you having kids, don't leave it too late" ahhh ok, thanks for the advice. I will do, keep me posted too! Xxx

Oh definitely, I've heard them all! But then sometimes when you come on here you read such contradicting things you just don't know what to do 🙈🤷🤣

I will do. Keep your chin up x

Did another test this morning (because I'm an idiot lol) I think I've just assigned myself to the fact that I'll do a daily one, otherwise I'll go too crazy! But was negative 😔x

Aww 5 days is soooooo early, please dont be disheartened. Try again in 3 or 4 days. Keep yourself busy in the mean time. It really is a horrible wait. Good luck xx

Thank you. I know it was silly of me to take the test already...was just going demented! Thank you for your message though 😘 x

I had my transfer just last Wednesday and have been fine not wanting to test until today. I’ve no symptoms at all and just really want to test now 🙈 It is so hard, and men just don’t understand.

JustStarting1 in reply to Kseye

Absolutely. You try not to think about it but it's not that easy. Wishing you loads of luck though xx

I didn’t have any symptoms at all......genuinely (not one of these posters that says “oh I had zero symptoms...EXCEPT for...” and then goes on to list a dozen SYMPTOMS!)

I did get a BFP at 4dp5dt but I found out yesterday I have twins on board which explains the really early BFP!

Oh my goodness that's wonderful news. Congratulations. X

How are you ladies all doing today? I'm definitely struggling. I've been doing a test everyday (even though it starts my morning off being upset with bfn I feel it's better to know that sit about and wonder each day). Sunday will by 10dp.

I've had some symptoms such as back pain, few small stomach cramps, sore boobs, discharge (no blood) but this could all be down to the cyclogest pessaries or the prognova tablets all around progesterone x

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