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Over paranoid. ....first cycle icsi

Hi ladies,

First post on here. I am on day 8 stimms (gonal f 150) and have been been taking orgalutron for the past 3 mornings. Yesterday and the previous day I had lots of ovary activitie, got uncomfortable yesterday and breast tenderness?!Went to bed and woke up 3 hours before orgalutron injection planned with no ovary pain. Am now worried and working myself up that I have ovulated!! I haven't got a scan due till tomorrow last one was yesterday and they said I had 11 follies and some small ones growing nicely. Am I over reacting or do you get some days of ovaries twinges then nothing? Help!! Thanks!

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Don't panic! All those symptoms are normal. One of my ovaries was so swollen I could see a lump when I was laying down.... My boobs were killing me and I was so bloated after 9 days of gonal f etc! Keep at it and have a massage or something nice and relaxing! I am still getting twinges after my ET, have had them since the stims.... All this stuff does weird things to your body that no one tells you about! Drink tonnes of water xxx best of luck


Thank you! Put my mind at rest a bit and I shall find out later at my scan! Everything had been stress free up till yesterday and then I just lost it in sheer panic! Lucky I have a laid back hubby who kept me together!! Glad I have found this site as as you said no one tells you about all this stuff they just give you the drugs and let your imagination run wild!! Fingers crossed for the positive test for you!! Hopefully twinges after et is a positive sign!! Xx


Hello, dear Em! I think there is nothing to worry about. These are the usual things women often feel. My friend felt her ovaries to be swollen and unbearably painful. But her doc said it was the drug effect. And each organism reacts individually.

So, probably less panicking. Everything's going like it has to be. Try to stay calm and get something to distract you) x


Had my scan and all was normal! Phew!! I think I shall have to start reading books and book in for a facial and massage to start relaxing more! Thanks for advice all...just a worrier and an over active imagination!! Xx


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