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Hi all, so today I went for my day 8 scan and have been told I'm ready for egg collection on Friday! I was a bit surprised but it seems my right side has responded really well to the drugs and have some 20mm follicles, I have 19 in total with around 10 a good size. My lining is measuring 6.8, does that sound ok so far? Has anyone any advice for egg collection?

Thank Sally x

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  • All sounds great, well done! Is it your first time? It's all pretty straightforward and more uncomfortable afterwards than painful. Drink lots of water afterwards and put your feet up to take advantage of all the hard work your body has been doing!

    I'm in my second cycle of ICSI and the EC time is, in a funny way, the most exciting bit.

    Good luck! Xx

  • It's my first go, everything seems to be going very quickly! thanks for the advice, I will definitely be make the most of a relaxing weekend!

    I know what you mean, I feel excited to see how many eggs they get, hope it's a good number!

    Good luck too x

  • Enjoy it while time is flying, I'm on the 2ww and the days have never gone so slowly!

    Let us know how you get on, fingers crossed! X

  • Are you! I'm not looking forward to that at all!

    I will update on Friday x

  • Good luck for EC, i hope you get a good number of nature eggs. I had mine under general anaesthetic so didn't feel a thing. I wish someone had warned me about feeling bloated/uncomfortable for days afterwards due to your ovaries having been fuller than normal and having been poked around.

  • Hello, Se99! Hope you’re ok. So here are some tips which I found were quite helpful.

    Make sure you don't exercise for at least two weeks after retrieval. Your ovaries are quite large and extended, so you want to make sure you take it easy for the next few weeks as to not to get them twisted. It can be dangerous!! So take it easy. ;)

    You can eat pretty much what you enjoy already, other than no food after midnight before retrieval. But here try to keep it well balanced. Also drink a ton of water. You need this to stay hydrated. Also, the retrieval if rather a simple and short procedure, you may have a tiny bit of cramps for a day but that's about it. So don't stress about anything.

    Sounds like your number is in the range to be just fine! Again the ER itself isn't bad or painful. The first time I didn't know about the procedure much it freaked me out. But it really is all pretty quick and painless.

    So good luck, hun! Everything will go great! :)

  • That's great advice, I am a little worried but everyone on here keeps saying it's not as bad as you think! X

  • Good luck for Friday. Just try and stay as relaxed as possible xx

  • I had egg collection yesterday... My advice would be to make sure you relax as much as possible before, during and after and don't fight sleeping off the sedative after the procedure is done.

    Enjoy your injection free day today! ☺️ X

  • I have had EC twice, both times I woke up in the recovery room and didn't remember or feel a thing. Just stay rested for a few days and drink tons of water. I was really constipated after EC so had to eat loads of albran (sorry TMI) it's exciting waking up to find out how many eggs you have. Good luck πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thanks button, I hope I have the same experience! I've stocked up on all bran already πŸ˜‚

    Good luck with your journey, hope your getting somewhere x

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