First appointment and am a nervous wreak πŸ˜₯

Hi I have my first appointment through for the Glasgow Royal on the 2nd February and am a nervous wreak,I've been on the ivf waiting list since June,what happens on first appointment ?does your partner have to be there?is there a chance they might not give you funding even though you've been reffered and told Ivf is only chance.i can't sleep ,I have my holiday on the 4th February but this is putting me into a state not knowing.xx

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  • Hey!

    Try not to get urself worked up! There's plenty of time for that later on πŸ™‚

    Is the appointment at a hospital or a fertility unit just trying to gather what stage ur at to help u 😊 Xxx

  • It's the assisted conseption unit I think at the Royal but this will be first appointment since being put on list ,I think it will be with nurse.xx

  • Hi

    We had our first appointment on Tuesday. We met with our fertility nurse talked through the whole process of ivf what ivf is consent forms welfare of child forms!!! Explained everything asked if we had any questions what will happen next!!! Don't be anxious it's really informative you get to ask questions your partner will need to go to first appointment. They've said when I go for my scans I can go alone unless partner wants to attend those aswell we've decided well go through the whole process of appointments together. Try not to worry xx

  • Thank you,I've told him to make sure he's at everything in it together,it's just he's a lot calmer than me,am constantly stressed and nervous and scared,and didn't know what to expect,are any tests done on that first appointment?xx

  • Didn't have any tests done at appointment !! I'm just now waiting for my period due in 2 weeks time then I need to ring my nurse first day of period so can arrange my scan for the week after then start injections. I suppose everyone's first appointment is different. I started fertility tests last June and had a lap and dye in Nov 2015 told 22nd December ivf was our option already had first appointment xx

  • We have our first appointment in March and I try and not stress about it but pretty much the only thing on my mind! I think a nurse will go through our forms with us and answer questions and talk us through the process. not sure what the time line is but can't wait to get started. It's been so long! Good luck to u with ur appointment x

  • Thanks am hoping the appointment goes ok and maybe calms me down a bit ,good luck to you too xx

  • Is it the Royal your attending?are the staff there ok?i hope all goes well for you and maybe after my first appointment I will relax a little ,but for now I've got constant knots in my stomach xx

  • It's mine on 1st! All these questions are in my head too! :-/ good luck x

  • Is it the Royal you will be attending?hope all goes well ,if you don't mind letting me know how it went it might relax me a bit ,good luck xx

  • No, I'm in Yorkshire. I'll let you know :/ x

  • Both of you don't worry hope all goes well for your 1st appointments ladies!!! I was so nervous but the nurse was absolutely lovely and put me at ease but now we are ready to roll and the journey is officially underway!!! Lots of luck and love ladies xx

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