2 day transfer πŸ˜•

OK so yesterday I thought I'd had a 3 day transfer ( I thought day 1 was counted as egg collection day) .

Now I've discovered after pulling my paper work out from hospital that it was 2 day transfer :((

I'm really stressing myself out now which I know is no good but feel like I haven't got much hope of this working.

Is there anyone that can put my mind at rest with success stories from a 2 day embro transfer ?

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  • Don't get disheartened Hun. There is always a hope. You will get there. Be positive and happy, drink loads of fluids, eat well. Best wishes with you xxx

  • Thank you, I know I need to be positive and your right I need to make the most of what I've got and hopefully it will pay off

    Good luck with your 2 week wait hope you get your positive xx

  • A friend of mine got pregnant with a 2-day transfer. He is now 4 months old :) x

  • Thank you weemrsh nice to hear of someones 2 day transfer working just have to keep my fingers crossed


  • They say the embryos are best inside you rather than in a dish. The only reason they don't get transferred until later on in some women is so that they can decide which are the best quality ones to transfer. Just because you have a 2 day transfer doesn't mean that those embryos aren't good quality, just that they had distinguished themselves as better quality than the other ones (can see from your other posts that they were trying to decide whether to freeze your other ones so they could just have been slow growers but clearly your hospital thought that the 2 you've had transferred would continue being the better quality ones). Good luck!

  • Thank you for your response that makes me feel much more positive, although this 2 week wait seems like slow torture already lol.

    Unfortunately they didn't freeze any embros in the end so these 2 little ones is all or nothing so hopefully they were the ones 😊.

    I hope your pregnancy is going well xx

  • I'm now 5months pregnant with a day 2 transfer and my other friend is 5 and a half months also on a day 2 transfer.. I had also been thinking I was a day 3. However they are better in than out.. Also if you have I think less than 4 they won't try push for anything other than a day 2 transfer with my clinic. And it's a good job as out of our 11 eggs 9 were suitable but only 3 developed and 2 of those 3were fragmented and abnormal.and never made it to day 5.

    I felt really disheartened when I realised I'd had a day 2 as I'd only ever heard of people having a day 3 but mainly a day 5. But just wanted to drop by and let you know of 2 success stories on day 2..

    Good luck

  • Thank you it's lovely to hear all these success story's with 2 day transfers, your right it is all you hear about is the 3 day and 5 day and so much about how good it is to go to blastocyst πŸ˜•.

    Hopefully my 2 little embros with be snug as bugs inside me as it's better to have a 2 day transfer than none left 😊.

    I wish you both a happy and healthy pregnancy xx

  • Wish you all the luck Hun.. Xx

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