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Hi everyone I am new to this site and was looking for some advice. This is our first cycle of ivf using icsi all was going well 16 good follicles went in for egg collection on Wednesday and was told they on retreived 5 eggs so was very disappointed. Thursday brang the day 1 call they had only been able to use 4 and only 1 had fertilised so a day 2 transfer was planned. Went in yesterday for transfer and was told the embryo was now 2cells and that they aim for 2-5 so ours was the lower end. I just can't help but feel deflated about it all.x

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  • Hi and welcome,

    Bless you hun, if they said it's only 2-5 cells just means it's on the lower end. Your embie is back where it belongs in the best incubator it could have and will catch up. Try to stay positive which is hard to do after you've been pumped up of hormones x

  • Hi Katrina

    I struggle as we all do with the highs and lows of ivf.

    One appointment leaves you feeling as high as a kite as all looks well and the next you come crashing dwn.

    That 1 wee embie is all it takes and as long as it continues to develop which im sure it will its all you need.

    Have some rest drink plenty of water and try to keep positive, your wee embie needs you.

    Wishing you the best of luck and lots of baby dust xx

  • Understand completely how u feel-all I can tell u is from reading posts on this forum even when sometimes u feel everything is against u, miracles can happen! And u have a little fighter there so u r still in the running!! Rest, eat well and just focus on u & that embie & hopefully u will be posting with great news real soon!! Big hugs & good luck xxx

  • Don't feel deflated! I just had my embryo transfer today and none of my embryos had reached full 5 day blastocyst stage. The doctor told me she has seen plenty of healthy babies born from early stage embryos. Don't lose faith. It only takes one little fighter!

  • Thank you everyone for your replies. Hope everything goes well for you kirajean. How many embies did you have put back? Xx

  • Stay focused and keep believing πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • Hi katrina1986! Sounds like we've had a similar week, and as much as its more natural to think negative please think positive. It's far better off back inside you, and that's what I'm thinking. My friend ended up with twins from average quality embryos on day 2, so as much as the clinic can grade it can be completely different once their back in their natural home! Sending you lots of positive thoughts. Xx

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