1st IVF Cycle

Hi everyone I am now 2weeks into my down reg Buserelin injections, I go for my baseline scan on 2nd Feb. I have grade 4 endometriosis and so scared of poor response during stims also my left ovary has an endometrioma which was drained June last year but is growing back and they plan to work around it. My right ovary is sitting above my uterus which will make access during my egg collection difficult. any success stories out there???

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  • Hi Nat_jane. I'm sure you are feeling anxious at the moment, but remember that your clinic will have treated many ladies who have problems with the position of their ovaries and cysts etc. Try not to worry too much, as they will look after you. Hopefully the down regulation will calm your endometriosis and the cyst too. Good luck! Diane

  • Thank you, currently I'm still having a lot of pain even during down reg which I thought would help. Not as of yet. Back for baseline scan on Tuesday so will see what they say!

  • Hi Nat_jane. Sorry to hear that you still have some pain. Hopefully it will soon subside, but if it's still there, you are safe to take some paracetamol to help. Let's hope all goes well with next Tuesday's scan, so that you can soon move on to the next stage. Diane

  • So my endometrioma has grown to 10cm they are draining via egg collection needle tomorrow then u start stims friday!

  • Hi Nat_jane. Ouch! Hope it's all done and dusted now, then you can start stims on Friday. Good luck! Diane

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