Failed 1st cycle IVF/ICSI

Feeling like shit after our 1st cycle failed. I felt so positive and lucky that everything was going so smoothly up until 6 days after the transfer of a day 5 blast. Started spotting and within a day or so i had heavy bleeding and knew straight away that it was over. My husband and a few people told me to keep positive and its not over until our OTD but i just knew. I feel sad and angry and confused as to why not. All the hard work was done for us and my body still couldn't get pregnant. I find that really hard to come to terms with as i think will it ever work??? I realise its my first round and success rates are low but still i just feel like "why us"....

My sister in law is currently 6 months pregnant...they found out 3 months after their wedding (of course!) i jokingly said yesterday that "at least i can have a drink today" when all i really wanted was to be drinking water all day happy in the knowing that i had a little baby growing inside me. Instead I laughed and smiled, drank my wine and pretended to enjoy myself. I feel empty. xxx

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  • I'm sorry to hear that. The same happened to me. I started spotting on day 5 of 5dpt. And then a few days later it got v heavy and actually lasted for nearly two weeks. We were on our first cycle as well. We spent yesterday with my husbands niece and nephew. I felt pretty sad seeing them as we have been trying for 2 years now. On the upside I have spent the weekend drinking and eating lots of chocolate but I still feel empty inside. We just have to stay positive and think we will get pregnant. All the

  • So sorry to hear this its a truly awful feeling xxx

  • I'm so sorry you've had a bfn. We did as well in March on our 1st cycle too. I know it's really hard not to blame yourself but you mustn't. We were told that it meant that our embryo would have had a genetic defect so my lining rejected it which is what it would do naturally. Whilst this was totally rubbish after all we'd been through, it was good to be reminded that my body was actually doing something it should do naturally. What's hard for us ladies is that we know from conception where as naturally women wouldn't know there had been conception in the first place. Take some time to feel completely gutted as it is so sad and disappointing and then try to think about what your next step might be. That's helped us. Big hug for you whilst you are feeling so raw about it all. x

  • So sorry you didn't get good news. It's never easy.sending u big hugs xxx

  • So sorry to hear this but you are so so strong to respond in the way you did yesterday. Hang on to that strength x

  • I'm so sorry to hear this Bluebelle, take care of yourself xx

  • Sorry to hear that! I had failed ivf two times! know that shity feeling you have.

    I always say to myself that it wasn't my time yet.

    So, be strong and don't give up. Prepare yourself for the next round and everything will work out! I'm also preparing myself now for ed ivf, and we're saving money for our next step!

  • hun i know its hard, but you need to focus and strong. On my last failed ICSI I started bleeding at 7dpt and my new clinic on this go thinks I didnt have enough progesterone support, so they increased it this time round and it seems to have worked. Ive been through this and know how hard it is. Please know that with time, things will get better. Keep strong and have hope xx

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