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Any positive experiences with one embryo?


Has anyone had any good experience from only one egg collected? There's supposedly nothing wrong with me, collected 13 last time, only 2 made it to day 3.

Now only 1 collected even on menopur that's supposed to make more and better quality eggs.

Does anyone have any experience of this with a positive outcome? I know I'm clutching at straws


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Hi. I never had 1 before but with my last cycle we only had 2 embryo fertilized which is disappointing that time. Now I'm currently 7 weeks pregnant. I'm a firm believer that if its your time then it's your time xxx


It only takes 1. See the one you have as the strong one that's wants to be here !!!!

My friend only got one and she got a bfp and now has a little baby boy! So it is possible! Wishing you lots of luck xxx

Thank you! I know it can happen. But hearing it, makes the hope, well more hopeful 😚 xx


Fingers crossed for you x

Everything crossed for you Hun xxx

I'm sorry to hear you only got one egg collected during collection, you must be deveasted. I can understand you must be feeling under a lot of pressure. I agree with what others have said,see this embryo as the one that chose to be in. 💯 this one is a little fighter 👍 I really hope this embryo turns into a beautiful baby if anyone deserves this its you. 💕 x x

My thoughts are always with you..!! Hope you will hear some good news soon. Lady next to me yesterday had only one egg and during the whole time I was thinking of you. I was telling my husband that I wish I could help you and her. Best of luck hun.. Lots of baby dust.

Thank you all so so much for your kind words and hopes for us. It fertilised normally! I know it's early days, and I know it may not continue, but we have more hope than yesterday, that's what I'm trying to focus on right now. We went to a Sands meeting last night, blubbed through most of it, but was a good release and met another couple who had Ivf and lost a baby, so was good to not feel so alone, yet horribly sad that another couple suffered infertility and the loss of their miracle. Love and hugs to you all. Thank you for not letting me completely crack up just yet xx

Hi congratulations on the successful fertilisation! Seen as you have only 1 have your clinic advised putting it straight back on day 2? I had a 2day transfer as mine didnt look too healthy & it turned into a BFP. Even your clinic will admit the best place for it is in you. I'd at least call them and have the conversation. lots of sticky baby dust x

Hi, she did mention that said she'll chat to us tomorrow about it see if can squeeze us in if we want, however her stance is day two or a three doesn't mean it will improve our chances of a positive, but if we wait to a 3 we'll know how it has divided more so a clearer picture before the 2ww. Guess it depends on tomorrow's outcome and I'll go with my gut. I'm still getting quite a bit of pain, so whilst I agree 100% with you that quicker the better put back, I'm also cautious and maybe need to give my body that bit of addition rest as pregnancy hormones only increased the ovarian growth and pain which does play on my mind if maybe the stimulation etc was the reason for the poor attachment and placental abruption. Of course I have no idea if that's right, just need to take their advice but go with our gut. What fabulous news for your bpf, over the moon for you hun xxx

So the clinic called, said egg was grade one which is good as I'm sure both last time were grade two. But, why is there always a but, it's slow. Only two cells where they'd like t have seen four today. She said it could just be a little slow starting and nothing to pay it won't work but nothing to pay it will continue either xx

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