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Any Frozen Embryo Transfer Experiences?


Hello Lovelies,

Its been quiet a while (almost 1 and 1/2 years) now I am active on this thread. We had a baby boy from our first IVF cycle. Very soon (may be next month) we are starting with FET. Can you please share your experiences if you have gone through FET ?

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Hello and welcome back! Congratulations on your little boy. I too had a little girl who is nearly 1 and we are about to start a fresh cycle for baby number 2.

With my little girl I had a natural FET and was really relaxed with it all. I had to take clexane and prednisone for high nk cells but other than that was nice not to have all the drugs.

Do you no if you are going with a natural or medicated fet? Xx

BabyHope in reply to lianm8

Thanks Lovely and Congratulations to you too on your lil Girl

I don't know yet what really going to happen as our initial appointment is on 19th. So just keeping my fingers crossed to have a smooth journey like we did with our Lil Boy xx

Are you doing your Fresh cycle for Baby number 2 from NHS or Private? I am not sure what the process is for second baby with frozen embroys and its success rates

Thanks for replying xx

lianm8 in reply to BabyHope

My Fresh cycle is private. I had a fresh and failed FET through the NHS. I had had to go private and that FET worked.

The process depends on if you are medicated or natural. I’m not sure On medicated as both my FET have been natural - I just called the clinic when I got a peak on my ovulation, went in for some scans to check lining and embryos where transferred back 5 days later.

On day of FET I had three frozen embryos one didn’t make thaw and the other two were transferred.

If I’m honest was never told the success rates xxx

BabyHope in reply to lianm8

Hope all goes smooth for you Hun

Lots of baby dust on your way xx

Hi BabyHope I've just had a medicated FET. I started Buserelin injections on day 21 of my cycle 2 weeks later I had a blood test to see if I had shut down. Following the results I started Evorel patches and Progynova tablets. 2 weeks after that I had a scan to check my lining. I then started pessaries and stopped Buserelin a few days later and then I had my transfer. I am still on patches, tablets and pessaries. I haven't found the side effects too bad, a little emotional and feeling tired but that's about it. From starting Buserelin to transfer was 5 weeks. Good luck with your fet. xxx

BabyHope in reply to Penders

Thanks Penders for your reply xx

Hi, I’ve just had my FET transfer y’day!! As with my short protocol fresh I didn’t have down reg so went straight to progynova on day 1 of cycle, scans to check lining thickness and when over 7mm I started cyclogest and 6 days later had transfer!! Day 1 of the dreaded 2ww now!!

Wishing you the very best for your FET!! 🤞🏻xx

BabyHope in reply to Leo2017

Thanks Leo2017 for your reply

Lot of baby dust on your way xx

Hi there, I’m currently doing a medicated FET. I initially went on the pill and then onto progynova. I had my first scan on Thursday to check my lining and transfer is planned for Tuesday 🤞

Wishing you lots of luck 💕 xx

Hi I went through the same thing as Penders and I am not in my second trimester. My clinic has more success rates on FET than fresh transfers. Good luck to everyone and congratulations guys on your babies x

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