IVF and metformin???

After failed first IVF I have been recommend metformin. I was recently diagnosed with pcos (none of the usual symptoms). Anyway my question is has anyone any experience of metformin? I've been told I can take prior to next round of IVF and carry on or just when we are starting the cycle. Is there any pros or cons and is it better to start a few cycles before IVF to get used to it? Is it more effective if already been using?

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  • Hello. We were told we had pco, not the syndrome after our first failed cycle as well and we're put on metformin straight away as they wanted me on it for 3 months before next cycle. I believe this is as it can help with egg quality and it takes approx 3 months for eggs to take on any changes you make. You also need to build the dose up slowly so would definitely say to start sooner than the start. It's common to feel sick and I lost my appetite to start with but once I got used to it am now fine. Another reason to start earlier as you don't need those side effects on top of ivf!!X

  • Thanks I am really worried about the side effects. My consultant advised that loose bowls and frequent visits to lol πŸ˜–

    I think I will start after Xmas as been told advisable to be careful with carbs while on it?!! And I can't have a carb free or low carb Xmas! lol

    Have you had your second round yet? If so did your egg quality improve? Did you have any other protocol change recommendations? I will still be on long protocol with menopur and synarrel spray

  • Well I didn't have that but wow did I feel sick!! Really did get better though. I'm fine on carbs ( can't have a meal without potato! !) But I did go off fatty foods for a long time and still not a massive fan. I'm on 1500mg so a normal dose but a lot take a while to work up to being able to stomach it and some never can. I have had two cycle since. Both got a BFP but both ended in mmc 😒. Reduced ohss and quality was ok but not masive improvement , but reducing ohss was a real benefit for me and I figured that had to have some effect on quality. X

  • I was prescribed Metformin but they made me very aware of the fact that there is no real evidence that it does anything ... however I was willing to try anything to reduce risk of OHSS!! I was prescribed two tablets and told to start by taking one. I have tried to increase the dose to two tablets on several occasion but just can't stomach it!! Xx

  • Thank you he wants me on 1.5mg (it is mg isn't it?)

    If only it could be simple! 😒

  • Do you mean 1500mg? I was prescribed 1700mg a day but am on half of that x

  • Yes 1500. Haven't started yet. Did you notice any change in egg quality

  • You wouldn't really know because they won't know the quality of the eggs until after egg collection so there's no comparing them to how they were before you started Metformin. Xx

  • Yes That's righ, Sorry thought you may have had another round already and seem an improvement

  • My eggs were good quality so I guess you could assume it worked? But in all honestly I don't think it makes any difference xx

  • I've taken metformin for a couple of years now (for PCOS and TTC) was on 1500mg and it had no side effect on me at all. Just been advised to stop taking it after week 8 of pregnancy (2nd IVF). I'm not sure if it contributed really but then I don't know. Worth taking I guess?

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