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Hello everyone x first of all I want to wish everyone happy new year and lots of luck in 2016 x I am reading posts quite often but didn't post for while xx I had chemical pregnancy last April and negative in September after icsi xx I went to see GP if they could do some test to see if I am 100 percent fine myself as reason for icsi is my partners vasectomy x I went to see GP in October. . Took them two month to contact clinic and ask my clinician if there's is something they can do .. i didn't go for review as thought they would say it was bad luck x so I waited for email or letter for two months and then had to send another email to my clinician and he said he sent answer straight away in October to my GP but no one let me know that he done that .. and I waited 2 month for answer of course he thinks I am good candidate and there's nothing wrong with me and it was down to bad luck that 2 rounds of icsi didn't work x I feel bit better now x is never off my mind but I try to concentrate on our wedding which is 14th of may x then after that will go again x icsi probably egg sharing again xx can't believe how fast 2015 was tho and how much pain we went thru x but we are still here and still hoping we will get family we deserve x lots of love and thanx for reading

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Hi Miroslava,

You're sounding a bit more positive. I hope the wedding plans are goimg well and that you're looking forward to getting married.

Good to know that everything is OK medically and I really hope that it's 3rd time lucky for you.


Thank you very much x forgot to mention that periods are all over the place x was two weeks late in December. .. and seems to be much shorter .. really want to give my body better break this time loose bit weight for wedding dress and another shot Ivf x how's things with u x


It can take a little while for periods to settle down, stress and IVF drugs aren't a great combo!

We're doing OK, we've decided to cease treatment after our 3rd round of ICSI and 3rd BFN. Life is no longer in limbo and we're making plans to enjoy life rather than everything focusing on treatment.


Lovely to have you back miroslava ️Sorry last year was such a tough year for you. Glad to hear you're feeling better and you sound so positive. Congratulations on the engagement and I hope the wedding plans go well. All the best for your big day how exciting. Sometimes you just need that time out and it's really great to be able to focus on something different other than baby related. It can really take over your life. I think to giving your body a break is a good thing, it's been through so much. And happy new year hope it's a good one for you x x x


Hi Jess thnx for reply x I was reading your posts too and hope u get it all sorted soon x glad u are in better hands now x it's still hard for me as end January would of bn my due date x I had to deal with my work colleague giving birth to baby girl and my partners 18 year old daughter is now around 12 weeks pregnant x getting slapped all the time but defo feeling wee bit better I was on the edge close to depression x people might think I am mad getting married to guy who can't give me family naturally but I feel somewhere deep inside that this is no end of road and I will have to start trusting God more that we will get there at the end x take care and lots of luck and love


Oh that's really hard my thoughts are with you. Wish there was something that I could say to make you feel better💗

I know exactly what you mean,My sister in law is pregnant she has abandoned two beautiful children (whom she has nothing to do with) if it makes you feel any better you're not the only one that feels like that. It's just not fair is it Hun? It's always the wrong people infertility affects 💔

You must really love this man no one has the right to say wot is right or wrong for you. I'm sure you will get there.💯 Good on you being positive if we don't have hope what's the point of even trying? Your consultant thinks there is no reason for ivf not to work take comfort from that, they wouldn't let you egg share otherwise 💗 Giving your body time to rest is a great idea.I think it'll give you a much better chance of working. Wishing you a lovely baby at the end of this you really really deserve it 💕

I'm ok thank you. I'm still battling forward lol still cramping and bleeding between my period cycles. But my GP has been an amazing support. I've tried transexamic acid and norethistrone which both haven't worked. Now my GP is getting in touch my ex consultant (who told me in my last appointment I have still got a fibroid -which they were

meant to remove during my op-but he has of course denied any of this to my GP last year) I think my GP is going to put some pressure on him and seems determined to get to the bottom of this and is has mentioned me having surgery. I have been advised not to try as I am at a high risk of miscarriage if I fell as I am right now. Terribly frustrating but I'm like you hoping it'll come right in the end.

Maybe 2016 will be our year. 🙏Do keep me posted how you get on 💕 x x x

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