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Hello everyone so I went back to work today after our second failed ivf last week we had BFN and I was feeling horrible for a week but life goes on and don't think it will ever stop hurting but had to get head up and go so back to reality and tomorrow am away to see GP if they can run some tests for me or he is going to say the same as clinic that it was just bad luck with two great blastocyst negative test we decided to go again start of next year and don't want to go thru all that again without knowing I tried my best and that mean see if they can do something even if I have no idea if they can to see there's really nothing wrong with me and our two failed cycles were just bad luck... any idea what I can ask for some tests that they can run... any help? X thank you

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  • Hi sorry to hear your sad news. We to have had 2 failed implantations with 2 grade a blastocysts. I have asked any question you can think of but the repky i keep getting is its nothing you will have or not done its judt the way it goes sadly. I asked about a hostile environment in my uterus but was told that wouldn't be the case for me, you could ask about that. My doc yest in the hosp said that they have an enzyme which is like a glue in effect to put on the embryo before implantation to help the embryo enbed into your uterus so fingers crossed. We are starting our next cycle again hopefully next month. As devastated as i was after our 2nd bfn i just want to get going again to see if we can be lucky this time.

    Good luck to you and i hope you get some answers from your doc. Have a lovely holiday to, chill out and relax xx

  • Can they check you for NK cells?

  • I had this done this time round. Recommend it to everyone! The should be offered routinely by all clinics x

  • What are no cells? X

  • Nk I mean?

  • NK cells are killer cells... the theory is that some people immune system believes the embryo to be a foreign body that should be gotten rid of so the body attacks it & stops implantation or causes a miscarriage. A blood test can determine if you have this :)

  • Thanks honey x x

  • Hi Hun we have also had 2 failed implantations with 2 good quality blastocysts and it's really tough so I am sorry u are going through the same :(

    We are about to start our 3rd try and our consultant said the same not all embryos are destined to be babies And our 2 fails would happen to 1 in 4 people, he said every embryo is different and to keep going. We asked about high NK cells and he said there is not enough evidence to support that having a high level would result in not having a pregnancy, we said we would want further tests before doing another full cycle and he said if this one did not work he would consider referring is to a specialist in NK cells but that we may not get full answers because even if tests showed abnormal levels it does not mean we would not get pregnant one day. So I think u still have plenty of hope especially if u have v good quality embryos. Unfortunately I think there is still a lot they don't know about getting pregnant!! Not great when u r desperate like we are to have a baby! Don't give up Hun they say it takes an average of 3 goes before it works anyway! I am praying for 3rd time lucky!! Good luck at appointment ask about the NK cells and see what they say? I think there is a sperm test they can do also for chromosomal abnormality but I don't know anymore than that. Good luck xxx

  • Hi just wanted to let you know that you can have intralipid infusion privately in the UK. Even if you don't have NK Cells the intralipid will not hurt at all. If you think it might be a cause I would pursue it privately. good luck

  • Well said babe!

  • Thank you for your answers ladies.. so GP was helpfull and said he's going to do some investigation and ask questions to someone who knows better.. he as well asked what was the percentage of success we had I said about 40 to 45 and he said that unfortunately there's them 55 that It might not work x I just find it really hard to keep positive and smile and say it's going to be us next go and somewhere deep inside telling myself to stop laying to myself when there's more than 50 percent chance that it won't work again x maybe it really is just me being negative too much that's why my babies don't want to stay with me x hope I will hear from hospital soon and will ask about NK cells and if they say there's no more they can do at least I will feel better and more ready for third cycle and as bumpwanted said will be third time lucky xx lots of luck to u all xx

  • Hi Miroslava, as someone else has mentioned I would ask about embryo glue as its getting very good reports. Also I have read people having a uterus scratch? not entirely sure what that is but they have had it done to help with implantation. Wishing you lots of luck x

  • I've had 5 failed goes at ivf. Now pregnant thanks to having the NK test and intralipids! The nurse said to me yesterday while having my infusion that it was unbelievable the amount of women that get pregnant after having the intralipids. For me to get this far with high nk cells is all down to the intralipids.

  • Hi girls thank you for replies x poochi I asked about all this after first go embryo glue and endo scratch my clinician said with my age and as there was biochemical pregnancy and implantation at first go I don't need to worry about this.. maybe he changed his mind after second fail will ask again thank you... he even said he doesn't push ppl to do them as there's no prove they help also I asked about progesterone for whole 6 or 12 weeks of pregnancy and baby aspirin and he said absolutely not.. they only give u progesterone support first two weeks.. and he said baby aspirin could acctualy do harm to baby.. don't know if this is all good or bad as know other clinics do all that stuff .. makes me doubt a bit if we r at right clinic.. but hopefully yes I will have to trust them coz without trust it won't work xx samrakkar what are intralipids x

  • My clinic said only 2 weeks on progesterone unless they are sure you have a problem, otherwise you can just be postponing the inevitable. Mine wouldn't glue either, but those little guys seem to stick on me, even when they aren't viable...

  • Is that the embryo glue xx

  • Yes curious about intralipids? All u can do is put faith in your consultant but why do they say different things?? I think there is just not enough research and they just don't have all the answers maybe? If you had high NK cells would you still have a chemical pregnancy ? Good luck Hun my consultant said that there is little evidence to suggest the scratch helps xx

  • Yes really looks like different clinics do different things but they don't work for everyone at the end x really its in gods hands and every little one born is miracle x hopefully we will get there everyone of us here deserve it x will defo be asking again about glue .. didn't really fancy follow up coz thought hy it's waste if time to be told it was bad luck but will maybe try get phone appointment and ask this x thank you ladies x

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