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Hello ladies 😊. I’m due to start my second round of ICSI in January and today I found out that I have shingles 😩. I had a itchy rash for the last week so today I went to see the GP as it’s not going away and they confirmed that I have shingles. I’ve asked if I will be ok to continue with my treatment but they couldn’t give me an answer. I will call my clinic tomorrow but until then I was wondering if this happened to any of you? Thank you Xx

10 Replies
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I have never had shingles but I’m sorry that this happened to you just before starting the treatment. It looks like you are quite run down and need to focus on your recovery. You might still be ok or might need to postpone it by another month. Sometimes things are just out of our control so try to accept it. I wish you speedy recovery x

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Green_ in reply to Kari55

Thank you. I feel very tired and stressed like everyone else. I will call the clinic later on to find out what’s best to do. X

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I haven't had shingles either sorry, and I'm not sure if u can still have treatment, but personally I would rather go into treatment feeling healthy and give yourself the best chance.Hopefully ur clinic will be able to advise, good luck xox

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Green_ in reply to jm22

Hi jm22. Thank you. I will wait and see when it goes away and take it from there. Xx

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I had shingles during my infertility journey but it was when I was using clomid rather than during my ivf. I’m sure the clinic will be able to give you the best advice but I do remember feeling at my lowest ebb when I had that. I basically had to go to bed and rest, I felt wiped out. I’m so sorry you are having to deal with that as well as it really is horrible. Once I knew what it was and started on the anti viral medication, I think it went pretty quick. Maybe 10 days or so. So hopefully yours will be fine for treatment in the new year?

I wish you all the best with everything x

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Green_ in reply to Spongy

Hi Spongy! Thank you. I will wait and see if it goes away soon as I was told that I can’t start if I have the fresh blisters. They are already drying out. I’m too late to take the antiviral medication as I’ve had the rash for over a week. I didn’t go to the GP until yesterday as I thought it’s just a simple rash and will go.

I don’t have any pain just feeling tired and down. Everything is so stressful.

I’ve seen that you read some books when you were going through treatment. Do you remember the titles? Xx

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Hi Green_.I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you may find that they will cancel the cycle, especially while you are presenting with fresh blisters. It will put lots of strain on you with the fertility hormones used, so really, I think you will find that they will want you better first. Hope that doesn't take too long. Thinking of you. Diane

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Green_ in reply to DianeArnold

Hi Diane! Thank you for you message. I spoke to the nurse at the clinic and she said the same. The blisters are already drying out. I’m not due to start the cycle until the end of January. I don’t know what’s best to do if they all go by then to delay the treatment or not.

I feel ok other that tired and stressed due to work and obviously the failed last cycle.

I hate thinking that this is another set back. It’s so overwhelming. X

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DianeArnoldPartner in reply to Green_

Hi Green. Of course, this is not what you want. But you’re the most important person here at the moment, and you need to be well to go through the cycle. There is a risk that more blisters could erupt, hopefully not, but you will have to see. Do take the advice of the clinic and I hope you’re soon over it. Thinking of you. Diane xx

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Green_ in reply to DianeArnold

Hi Diane. I will definitely follow their advice. Hopefully I will get better soon 😊. Thank you for your kindness. Xx

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