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Hi everyone I'm new to this and hoping to gain a little more hope from all this fertilty treatment. I'm 28 hubby 27 I have one child from a previous relationship 8 years ago. We have been trying for 3 years with a break inbetween to get married been married 16 months now Unknown fertility issues. I'm on day 10 of gonal f day 14 natural cycle. Went for u/s this morning for 2nd iui and have one follicle measuring 17.5 she said I was ready and to trigger tonight and come in tomorrow. Until she realised tomorrow was Saturday so she said to come in Monday. Am I rite to be worried that it should be done tomorrow and Monday will be too late.. I'm not on the spray to control when Ovulation will occur so couldn't I ovulate myself between now and taking hcg tomorrow night?! and I'm already feeling some pains. I just feel as if this is already another wasted month as this happened to go the exact same way last month over the weekend. Told me to begin with not to BD between now and Monday!?! then she said ok mayb just tonight. Regardless of what she advised to begin with I was for ttc anyway! I wasn't missing another apportunity. Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi, babyhope! Just want to support you somehow. I know all these dreadful feelings myself. Important things put off for unimportant reason really gets on us. We had gone through a long journey when at last our son came to this world. The similar happened to us when we tried IUI to be our first treatment. They put off the procedure because of the holiday. Still we don't know what role it played. We faced the failure. But in biotexcom where we passed DE procedure they explained IUI was useless for us because some minor facts were omitted in the previous clinic. So we are inclined to think that "delay" had no importance. But at that time it made us worry much about.

    It's two days you have to wait...not one as we did. I'm so confused about all this. Probably your doc had to calculate such possibility occurrence beforehand..

    Dear you, I have my fingers crossed for you both! Hope you'll do it this time Xx

  • Hi thankyou for your reply. Congrats on finally getting your son after a long haul with fertilty treatment! It's so hard! I actually feel more hopeless now than what I did before we started getting treatment! Least back then we could try when we wanted. Everything now is timing how unromantic lol! I had such high hopes for iui. Let's pray this month proves me wrong! Personally I think people goin through iui need to b able to receive treatment any day of the week to hopefully achieve results. The weekend is too long considering that egg doesn't stay around too long! Thankyou I hope we do it too!

  • Hello!

    Dear Babyh, you shouldn't worry about this too much! I do understand your anxiety and sadness but that state of mind won't do. You know, it's very important to avoid stress while trying to conceive!

    Lovely B, I hope so much you're just in knowing hands. Docs know what to do! Stay calm, pretty young. May new year bring you both success XX

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