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Unexplained infertility- IUI or acupuncture


Hi. I'm looking for some insight from you wonderful ladies. I have unexplained fertility and was approved for IUI treatment last Sept. Before we were to start, I got pregnant naturally. Sadly, I had a miscarriage 8 weeks into my first natural pregnancy in December after 3 years of trying. I was upset but healed physically.I went back to work and carried on. I stayed positive and focused on trying again. Since a failed IUI fertility treatment in April,my health has deteriorated. I feel sad, lonely, isolated, low energy levels and so tired. I have been given time off work by my GP to rest and return to full health and outgoing again. But I feel that the fertility drugs just knocked the life out of me and I have put on weight.As a result I have been put off the fertility treatment and I don't really want to start the next round in July. I have been going to acupunture since and I much prefer it. Is this s good idea? Has anyone else with unexplained fertility gone down this route? Thanks

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Hi there, I am sorry that you feel that way. I am currently waiting to start my period so I can start my third iui. The first 2 sessions didn't work for me although I did feel like the last one was going to be a postive. After that one I felt exactly how you feel, tired, moody and angry. With regards to accupunture I have had 3 sessions and it relaxed me but now I feel like it's messed my period up. I am currently 3 days late ( my period works like clock work!) I don't know if it's the accupunture is delaying it or if I am actually preggers. I done a test yesterday but it was negative. I have been told by my nurse to wait until Monday. Please don't feel down and believe that you will get pregnant. Just think that iui will help you. My husband and I are waiting for out funding for ivf to be approved but the nhs have allowed us to have another 2 iui treatments while we wait. I have endromestosis so I think this isn't helping my case xx

Ladyneady in reply to NDE1987

Hey! I felt the opposite way, that it was the IUI that messed around with my cycle! And I also thought that I was pregnant last month- I hate the way our minds play tricks on us. Time off work is helping. The side effects of those fertility drugs are horrible though, even though I know it helps our journey. Fingers crossed for you lovely. I hope the IVF funding comes through for you. Thanks for your support 😄X

NDE1987 in reply to Ladyneady

Thank you!! I am doing another test tomorrow unless my period arrives before then! It's just a roller coaster journey that we are on. Full of different emotions. Which medication were you on for iui? I took chlomid on my first try and injections on my second. Good luck for your journey. Here's to wishing this year will be our year! Xx

Ladyneady in reply to NDE1987

I'm sending you positive vibes😄 I was on Clomid and injections, then the hcg trigger shot before the insemination. I felt fine during the whole process, I overcame my fear of needles a little. I still hate them. I'm tracking my temperature since I started acupunture, it's really interesting I figured out that I ovulate late in my cycle. It makes me feel that I have a little control at least.have tried that? X

NDE1987 in reply to Ladyneady

Yes I have! It's my first month charting and my chart is a bit all over the place to be honest!! After my second iui with injections I found out I ovulate early in my cycle like on day 10. I am like you that I have fear of needles so I feel like everything I am going through it is making me stronger. I also have endromestosis so I feel iui isn't going to work for me so hoping ivf does x

Ladyneady in reply to NDE1987

Thanks for your positivity. Sending you good vibes x

Hi darling! Im really sorry to hear about ur loss and struggles.

I havent try acupuncture instead of Fertility treatment but i did do it combined and i personally think it made such a difference to my treatment.

I still don't know the outcome as on my 2ww but compare to my 1 cycle 4eggs retrieved, 2 cycle 4 egg retrieved ( no acupuncture, both times we had day 5 blastocysts put in and it dodnt work)

My current cycle i had 14 eggs and we had 5 dayblastocysts put + 5 gone to freezer. In general seemed like quality of eggs were better!

So thats me...

I do believe it works!

Good luck! X

Wow, that's brilliant! Thanks for the info and best of luck. 😄

I got my BFP this morning) over the moon!

I had acupuncture amd reflexology helping me to get through this last cycle)

P.S. My reflexologiest Tracy comes to clients house and has been recommended to me by someone who struggled to concieve and had few miscarriages.

Im happy to share her details.

Congratulations ! X


Hi I'm a similar story to you in the sense I've been TTC for 4 years and have unexplained infertility. I opted for holistic therapy as I have to pay for any other medical treatment unfortunately. I'm having reflexology instead and have really enjoyed the heightened sense of well being and optimism that has returned to my life. If you live near Cambridge I would happily share who I use, I drive an hour to her but so worth it. I'm now first round Clomid and my cycle is all over the place only temperature charting.

You have to work on finding your health and happiness again and taking control- I know it's hard - my road feels so long at times too

Good luck xx

Ladyneady in reply to Mrsjj

Yes, I agree with you. It's all about the mind and body working together and being in control. It can be tricky, and a bit long, but I am feeling better about myself and focusing on building up my health and fitness. I'm learning to focus on me! I am based in West London. 😄

Mrsjj in reply to Ladyneady

Ah yeah a bit too far away! Such a frustrating process living and being healthy and positive but yet a drug addict can fall without problems! I am living by the motto everything happens all at the right time and I am resigned to the fact I'll be an old mum at the school gates, but I know I'll be a happy mum waiting at the school gated one day xx


Infertility is incredibly painful to deal with and you have clearly been through a lot. Feeling sad, lonely and isolated is quite normal. I also suffered with unexplained infertility and I used acupuncture whilst ttc naturally. Unfortunately we did not have any success but I enjoyed it and it helped to relax me so I continued it during our round of IVF which was positive. Obviously there is no way of knowing if it influenced the outcome but I like to think it did!

Have you tried counselling? This is something I did when I was feeling at my lowest ebb. It made an enormous difference and really helped me to feel calmer and more relaxed.

Good luck with your journey X

thanks for your kind words. I contacted a counsellor this week . I think that it may do me some good overall. I overthink a bit too much during stressful times. Fingers crossed x

That's good to hear. I hope you find it as useful as I did. It's difficult not to overthink things! I was always overanalysising wondering if the slightest thing was affecting my ability to conceive! Take care X

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