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Recently Referred for ICSI


Hi all. I am a bit new to all this. My husband and I have been TTC for 2 years now and have been told we need ICSI by our local hospital so they have referred us to GRI. Got my first appointment at GRI ACS next week and really not sure what to expect. The only thing we have been told is after this appointment the waiting list is 1 year. Although my mum work in GRI and was talking to someone in ACS who said they may offer us Dundee as a shorter waiting time.

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Hi really sorry you're having to go down icsi route but congrats on having the courage to keep going! In the first appointment it is a lot of form filling general health check & I believe I had a scan. Scans will become your norm, they don't hurt (or shouldn't) & the doctors/ nurses are so used to doing them there is no reason to be embarrassed (as most will be internal scans).

Just start to think at least now you are genuinely on your baby making journey. Good luck to you both x


That's exactly what happened to me. After we had our first appointment at GRI we were advised the waiting time was 9-12 months but that we could go to Dundee where the wait was 3 months or Edinburgh where the wait would be 6 months. They told us that Edinburgh and Dundee contact them whenever their lists are quiet and they give patients the option to travel. We opted for Dundee (we both drive so it was a no brainer for us) and I'm now 27 weeks pregnant!

If you would like any more info feel free to message me. Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck x

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It's not something I thought of prior to my mum saying however it's just over an hour away from us as like you we both drive so not an issue. I think it is something we would probably do if offered.

That's fantastic news you are now pregnant. Congratulations.

I think the biggest thing is we have no clue what to expect at these appointments. So I saw this and thought I would join. It's good to hear everyone's stories as we don't have anyone close who has ever went through the same thing.

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We didn't realise they would offer these options either so it took us by surprise!

The first appointment at GRI was just a chat. We were asked a few questions and had the process explained to us. If you need any more tests done then you would be referred for those first (I'm assuming since you've been told you need ICSI you've had everything done already) otherwise you go straight on the IVF list.

This site is a great support and really invaluable as you go through treatment.

Hope you're appointment goes well and that there's space at Dundee so you can be seen quicker!!! x

Hey, we've just had our first appointment in Dundee at beginning of December. A lot of it was just going through general medical history for both of us. I had an internal scan (as I've never had any imaging done previously) and my other half had a physical examination. We've had a couple of extra bloods done (had all others done by GP) due to low sperm counts and have a review appointment in two weeks....feels like forever and patience is not my strong point, gonna have to work on that! Anyway I asked what the wait was as we've been told we're likely looking at ICSI, and were told 6 months so this would appear to be shorter than GRI.

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Think we are just eager for the appointment now as we first went to the GP this time last year and then our local hospital in July and just getting to the GRI next week. We aren't expecting too much next week but it's good to hear what you and others have been through to give an idea.

Just need to be patient I reckon. It's one big waiting game.

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I'm the same, just want to get going now especially as I'm a bit older but we still have test results to get. Hopefully getting started will happen soon for us newbies. It certainly is a waiting game but I'm learning lots on this forum. It's all just a bit scary and nerve wracking!!

Hello, Moirgraham51!

I suppose it's unfair to wait for ICSI for a year! This procedure is not too invasive.

Do you have an opportunity to think about some other options. I mean going to another clinic somewhere abroad. I'm sure their waiting list isn't as long as 1 year! All in all ICSI isn't such a big deal...

Wish you good luck on your way! Hugs

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We are going to stick with NHS just now as private or even abroad is a lot of money when we don't really know what we are up against.

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