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Finally been referred for IVF

Good Morning, I know this is a bit premature, But me and partner have been referred back to fertility last week. After being Discharged last year June, as they couldn't find anything wrong with us. The Consultant gave us to March this year to Fall Pregnant. We have been unsuccessful. We have been trying now for over 3 years. We are super happy and excited about now possibly becoming pregnant sometime this year.

Just had a few questions, How long does it all take to get started once you have been referred and met the consultant?

And is anything painful? As i can be a bit of a worrier.

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This is a common question on here and it seems to depend very much on the area in which you live. It took us 3 months from referral to our initial appointment but there was then a waiting list and we only started treatment 9 months later.

Some people seem to have been much luckier with their waiting lists. Really hope yours is short. Good luck with the journey. X


Many Thanks for the reply. I have just got off the phone with the hospital and she informed me we will probably just be called straight in as we already had tests done last year. I have the biggest smile on my face. I'm so ready to be a mummy.

When we 1st got referred last year i think it took about 3 months for us too see someone. Its so awful having to wait. But I'm sure all that waiting will pay off when we finally have the miracle in our arms.


HI sjwebb

So happy for you. We had an appointment with GP last September, and after a blood test( and sperm), the doctor referred us to the clinic. The first meeting we had the end of November, we have done a few more blood test in December. Unfortunately, I was exhausted, and my blood results show this that's why I needed to wait until everything come back to normal. Finally, in end of January, we schedule with the clinic our injection date and egg collection date. We wait two months ( which is a long time if you want something so bad) and we started our injections 3rd April :) x Good luck with everything x


Aww good luck with everything. I'm hoping because we have had all the tests, we should be able to move quickly. How long are you on the injections for? Are your hormones all over the place, this is one thing my partner is panicking about hehe. xx


Today is 16 day on Buserelin and part of a few massive headaches I'm great. I don't feel different. I have still a week to go with Buserelin, and on 27 April I will start Mmenopur. Fingers crossed you will have your date soon x ( which clinic are you going to?)


Aww how exciting for you. I feel so over whelmed that I've finally been accepted. I'm Hertfordshire based, So I'm attending St Albans.

I'm going to be so inpatient now though, I'm so excited. xx

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I'm also Hertfordshire based (would also come under St Albans) and have unexplained infertility too. It's interesting to see your time frames! Just wanted to say good luck in your journey.


aww really? when did you start all your process?

Thank you. I'm just dying to get started. x


We've been ttc for 2 years. We were tested very early on as my husband was ill when he was younger and we assumed we would struggle. Typical isn't it!? We're waiting for a referral for treatment but it's not something I want to do. I know I may change my mind in the future. It's not often you find someone with unexplained infertility let alone in the same area as you!!


aww bless, we have been trying for 4 years now and have struggled, we have both had all the tests and they cant seem to find anything. I am type 1 diabetic, but that dose not make you infertile. its so frustrating, but we have come to terms with if we need extra help then thats what we have to do to have our baby. Its so hard when you see everyone around you having babys. Where abouts do you live? x


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